12 Lords A Leapin’ Author Hop

Conquering PassionThank you for participating in this late-November blog hop. Don’t miss my contest below.

This is the third cover for this book. I couldn’t quite find the right model for Ram de Montbryce. But this hunk is perfect, don’t you think! Now that you have the name of my hero, Ram, from Conquering Passion, the first book in The Montbyrce Legacy, read the scroll below for the rest of what you need to know to complete the 12 Lords A Leapin Author hop:





Lords a Leapin blog hop rules

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I recently found a little book of Celtic Wisdom on the shelves of a Thrift Shop. One of the interesting snippets is The Druid’s Song of Twelve, taken from traditional Breton writings. Featuring it here as we celebrate 12 Lords a Leaping seemed appropriate. See what you make of it. What’s your favorite line? Every comment will qualify for my draw.

Twelve months and twelve signs
Eleven priests, armed
Ten enemy ships have been seen
Nine white little hands on the table in the open air and nine mothers who moan a lot
Nine dwarfs dancing around the fountain
The sow and her nine young wild boars
Eight winds blowing; eight fires; eight heifers white as foam, heifers of the Lady
Seven suns, and seven moons, seven planets, seven elements including the flour of the air
Six small children of wax; six medicinal plants in the small pot
Five parts of the land; five age groups in the length of time; five rocks on our sister
Four sharpening stones belonging to Merlin which hone the swords of the brave
Three: there are three parts of the world; three beginnings and three purposes for the man as for the oak. Three kingdoms of Merlin, full of golden fruit, full of brilliant flowers, full of small children’s laughter
Two oxen yoked together; they pull, they will expire; see the wonder
One. No series for the number one; the single Need, the Death, the father of Pain, nothing before, nothing more.

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