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Jun 29

History of the Canadian Flag

St. George’s Cross I am probably safe in assuming that 99.9% of Canadians know that our neighbour to the south celebrates its Independence Day on July 4th. But sadly most Americans are unaware that Canada also celebrates its national day in the same month-July 1st to be precise. Like Americans, Canadians are proud of their flag. But the distinctive Maple Leaf Flag wasn’t always our …

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Jun 26

Leanne Tyler Shares The Wealth

A hearty welcome today to Leanne Tyler. Tell us a little about yourself, Leanne.I’m a single mother of a teenage son. I work full-time and write whenever I can find the time. I was first published in 2007 by The Wild Rose Press when my novella, Victory’s Gate won the American Rose category in the Through …

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Jun 22

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

It’s an honor to have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, especially since the nomination came from author Rose Anderson. Her blog, Calliope’s Writing Tablet is always full of inspiring articles.I am obliged as part of the award to share 7 things about myself. My list will pale in comparison to Rose’s, which …

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Jun 19

Happy Birthday BC Brown

It’s not often that a guest author’s birthday coincides with her blogpost, but today it does! Welcome BC Brown. Here is a brief “bio”.BC Brown was born with six fingers on each hand endowing her with powers, thus enabling her to fight crime. When a freak Cuisinart accident severed the additional digits and her powers, …

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Jun 16

Finding Mr. Right! The Evolution of a Book Cover

When I took the plunge into self publishing and brought out my debut novel, Conquering Passion, I created my own cover. I have only rudimentary skills with Photoshop and therefore it was a basic design. The book sold very well on Amazon, as did the subsequent books of the same series, The Montbryce Legacy. I …

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Jun 12

Welcome Sharon Kleve

Good morning Anna,Thank you for having me on your blog today. Welcome. Great to have you here. Tell us about yourself.I was born and raised in Washington and currently live on the Olympic Peninsula with my husband.(Not too far from me on Vancouver Island)I am a writer of paranormal and contemporary romance. I love romance. …

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