Monthly Archive: April 2015

Apr 29

Writing Your Passion by Alanna Lucas

It’s a pleasure to welcome Alanna Lucas to my blog. Thank you for inviting me, Anna. Travel and art history are two of my passions. They have shaped my thoughts and ideas, and often find their way into my books. If I were living in eighteenth century England, there would have been no better way …

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Apr 22

English Country Mansions by Maggi Andersen

Please welcome Maggi Andersen to my blog. Thanks for inviting me, Anna. I love delving into history. My research takes me into many diverse areas. I studied fine arts at university, and I have a special interest in the art, architecture, and interior design of the Georgian, Regency and Victorian eras. I also love to …

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Apr 15

For the Regency by Wareeze Woodson

It’s my pleasure to welcome Wareeze Woodson. Today, she Travels Back in Time to the popular Regency period. Thank you for inviting me, Anna. Although I adore medieval romance with knights and knaves alike, I write Regency romance at present. Ah, the Regency, where balls, house parties, the theater and all sorts of merry amusements …

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Apr 08

Band of Brothers Medieval Style by Kathryn Le Veque

A hearty welcome back to my friend and fellow Queen of Medieval Romance, Kathryn Le Veque. Her topic today as she travels back in time is the Timelessness of the Bond of Men. I’m a history buff from way back, and that means mostly with military things. Yes, I know, weird that a woman would appreciate …

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Apr 01


I’m delighted to welcome Elysa Hendricks as my guest today. Happy to be here, Anna. Though there are many more (and probably better) reasons to read western romance, here are my top 10. I’d love to hear what it is about western romance that keeps bringing you back for more. You can reach me via …

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