Monthly Archive: June 2015

Jun 24

How Historical is 1915? by Linda Andrews

Please welcome Linda Andrews back to my blog. A hundred years ago. It sounds like a long time, a different time for an historical, and yet so much was the same—electricity, running water, and mail delivery. Stores carried groceries and ready to wear clothing. Dinner and lunches could be enjoyed at restaurants. Items could be …

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Jun 17

An Exceptional Hero by Michele Stegman

A hearty hello to Michele Stegman. Thank you, Anna, for hosting me today! I enjoyed getting to talk about my hero from Conquest of the Heart. Most romance readers want an exceptional hero. He must be bigger, better…just more…than the other men in the book–at least in the eyes of the heroine. But can a …

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Jun 10

What Draws Us To History by Lizzi Tremayne

Please welcome Lizzi Tremayne from New Zealand. Thanks for inviting me, Anna. Is it the romance of a different time from our own that draws us to history? Is it what history can show us about ourselves? How we’re different from or similar to others in the past? Does it show us links to the …

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Jun 03

Legends Do Come True by Jane Leopold Quinn

A hearty welcome back to Jane Leopold Quinn. Thanks for having me here today, Anna. I thought this was a neat story and a great tie-in to my newest release. Back in the olden days, when I was younger and unmarried, I took my first tour of England. Some of my other blog posts (schedule …

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