Monthly Archive: August 2016

Aug 31

World of De Wolfe Pack

We are gearing up for the launch of the second round of De Wolfe stories on KindleWorlds on September 6th. For my contribution this time I have written what I call a “contemporary medieval”. How does that work? Hungry Like De Wolfe is set in London in this century, but the plot revolves around a descendant …

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Aug 24

Get To Know Judy Hudson

It’s a great pleasure to introduce my friend and fellow chapter member, Judy Hudson. Where are you from, Judy? I was born and first raised in Toronto, Ontario, then moved to St. Louis, MO, for high school. Then back to Toronto, up to northern Ontario where we lived in a log cabin, then to the …

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Aug 17


I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my Viking novella, Banished on August 17th. Vikings evoke images of strong men who allow nothing to stand in their way. They’re not normally associated with tender feelings. Wildflowers conjure more personal and sentimental images. In BANISHED, a handful of bluebells picked from a meadow by childhood sweethearts …

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Aug 10

Welcome Back, Gail MacMillan

Where were you born, Gail? Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. What do you like most about where you live now? The changing of the seasons, peacefulness, closeness to nature. What’s your favorite season? Autumn beyond any doubt! Do you have any personal heroes/heroines? My family…husband and children. What is the worst job you ever had? Retrieving …

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Aug 03

Get To Know Ruth Kaufman

It’s my pleasure to welcome Ruth Kaufman. Where were you born, Ruth? I’m from Chicago and live there now. I love going to the theatre, and Chicago has amazing options from huge musicals to storefronts where you sit so close to the actors you feel like you’re part of the play. And I love trying some …

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