Aug 12

An Adventure in Time Travel by Anna Markland

HighTides_CVR_LRGThis week I have an opportunity to be my own guest! My latest book, Highland Tides is out this week. It’s my first foray into Time Travel and I had a lot of fun writing it.

I have to be honest and tell you that Time Travel isn’t a genre that normally appeals to me as a reader, although of course I inhaled the first few Outlander books.

So how did it happen? By accident really. I’m a pantser. I write by the seat of my pants, which means I never quite know until a story is finished what’s going to happen. While writing Pride of the Clan, I decided the heroine, Margaret, would have to travel far from home to meet her betrothed because of the drowning deaths of her three older bothers. Just a simple idea.

But then later in the story, it becomes apparent her hero (not her betrothed) will have no chance of tracking down a king’s assassin hiding near a remote loch, unless someone from the future reveals the hiding place. The murderer must be found or Margaret will be held complicit in the King’s murder.

In 1437, Robert Graham, one of the regicides of King James Stewart, was in fact ultimately tracked down near a remote loch at a place now known as Graham’s Rock.

Enter one of the drowned brothers who appears to the heroine and informs her of Graham’s lair. How does he know? The whirlpool that claimed his life was actually a portal to the future.

Obviously, having planted this notion in the minds of the readers I had to carry on with his story in the second book of The Caledonia Chronicles.

Here’s a blurb

Charlotte Tremayne is an independent eighteenth century woman, a clandestine novelist, creator of a famous picaresque hero. She has little sympathy for the defeated Jacobites who languish in her uncle’s cells after Culloden, but her interest is piqued by tales of a prisoner who claims to be from the fifteenth century. His far-fetched story might provide material for her next novel.

Braden Ogilvie drowns in 1436 and wakes up in a jail cell accused of Jacobite sympathies. He comes to realize he has been trapride of clan 200 300nsported more than three hundred years into the future. Drawn to the woman who eventually believes his story, he must nevertheless return to his own time to establish the innocence of his sister accused of a crime she didn’t commit. If he leaves, will he ever find his way back to Charlotte?

Highland Tides will be available for preorder at a special price until August 17th. If you didn’t get a chance yet to read Book 1 of the series, I’ve included buy links for Pride of the Clan.


BTW, did I mention three brothers drowned? Highland Tides also reveals what happened to the other two. That’s a whole other part of the story but I can reveal one of them DIDN’T travel to the 18th century.





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  1. Judy Baker

    Great excerpt, Anna. Best of luck with your new release. I love time travel stories.

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks, Judy. It is a very popular genre.

  2. Melissa Keir

    I love the cover and the idea of time travel is one I do enjoy…it leaves so much open to possibilities.

    1. Anna Markland

      This is what I found, Melissa, and I feel I’ve reached a point in my writing where I can take the chances a notion like time travel offers.

  3. Stanalei Fletcher

    Congrats on the time travel. I think its great to stretch a bit out of your comfort zone and still produce awesome stories.

    1. Anna Markland

      I agree wholeheartedly, Stanalei. I was definitely in a comfort zone with my Montbryce family stories, and I think venturing into the Scottish highlands has been good for my writing.

  4. Kim kasch

    Who doesn’t like time travel…

    1. Anna Markland


  5. Gemma Juliana

    Lovely, Anna! May you have an abundance of sales! I love time travel and your portal is unique.

    1. Anna Markland

      Great to hear from you, Gemma. Thanks for the good wishes.

  6. debi allen

    i love all your books. pride of the clan was beautifully written. stayed up all nite reading it. thank you i would love to hear frome you.

  7. debi allen

    read most of your books fantastic looking forward to many more. contact me

  8. debi allen

    loved all your books. contact me please

  9. debi allen

    loved all your books. thank you

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