Nov 24

Ask For More

In this season of thanks for our abundance, we have plenty to be thankful for. This week in the homes of our American friends, pies will cool on racks and kitchens will be filled with the fragrances and aromas of anticipation.
Hearts will be glad as families reunite and share the celebration together. It’s not often we have the chance to enjoy complete contentment.

My husband and I have just undergone our annual physical checkups and are lucky to be hale and healthy. For that I am truly thankful. Declining health is a difficult taskmaster. In the developed world most of us have access to excellent medical care, but we cannot purchase good health.

So should we be content with what we have? Is it greedy to ask for more?

Hard on the heels of Thanksgiving comes the season of razzamatazz and for some a feeling of lack. There never seems to be enough money for the things we want for ourselves and our family members and friends.

Two years ago, I asked for more, even though I had plenty. I asked for the blessing of creative expression as I embarked on a new career as a writer. 
You know what they say. Ask and ye shall receive.

Spirit listened and I did receive. This week I am extremely thankful to have reached a milestone of 40,000 books sold in the last two years. 
Readers enjoy my books—exactly what I asked for.

In the coming weeks we can ask for our credit and debit cards to go through okay, or we can ask for blessings like good physical and mental health, energy, vitality, creativity. If you don’t get it, at least you tried!


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  1. Kaye Spencer

    Thank you for reminding us that it’s not the ‘things’ in life that are important. We can lose material possessions as quickly as we collect them. Health, family, friends… those are what count.

    Well… and book sales, of course. lolol

    1. Anna Markland

      Exactly! Sometimes easier said than done. We lost all our worldly goods in a fire several years ago and swore we would never clutter up our lives again! Hah!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Judy Hudson

    Lots of life lessons there! and congratulations on the success of your books. Asking shows an openness to accept success, but I know you worked hard for it too.

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks, Judy.

  3. 20Pat

    Too true. If you never ask or try you’ll never receive. I’m very glad to hear you and your husband are healthy and your success in publishing is an inspiration to us all!

    I think Judy’s right about the hard work too.

    1. Anna Markland

      Writing can be hard work, lonely sometimes too. But one letter from a fan makes it worthwhile!

  4. Gemma Juliana

    Anna, Thanks for sharing your wonderful outlook on life. You are so right about the true priorities, and health is a cornerstone to a happy life. Congratulations on your financial success as an author! And for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and positive thoughts with us all on the blogs.

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks to you as well, Gemma. You are always so supportive. An author can’t succeed alone.

  5. Jacqui Nelson

    Congrats on all your achievements, Anna! They are well deserved. You are a gifted author. Wishing you all the best during Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks, Jacqui
      I very much appreciate your support and friendship.

  6. Melissa Keir

    Very thoughtful post. I’m very grateful for all I have. My hubby and I are trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. We don’t ask for things or shop for things that aren’t really needs. We want to enjoy our lives and time.

    I’m grateful for wonderful friends like you and for having the opportunity to share my stories with so many. I wish you many more years of success and happiness!

    1. Anna Markland

      Hi Melissa,
      I so admire your work and lifestyle ethic. Thanks for your friendship

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