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Band of Brothers Medieval Style by Kathryn Le Veque

katagain vegas 1A hearty welcome back to my friend and fellow Queen of Medieval Romance, Kathryn Le Veque. Her topic today as she travels back in time is the Timelessness of the Bond of Men.

I’m a history buff from way back, and that means mostly with military things. Yes, I know, weird that a woman would appreciate the history of military events, but I think I must have been a warrior or a soldier in a past life. I just appreciate that kind of thing. I think what I appreciate the most is the camaraderie, the bravery in the face of total and utter fear, and the ability to sacrifice one’s self for the common good. I admire courage. I admire young men, possibly my son’s age, not old enough to legally drink yet but old enough to fight and die for a cause they believe in. Bravery is courage in the face of fear.
Consequently, I love military books as well as military movies. I’ve seen pretty much all of the movies – WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Medieval, Napoleonic wars, etc. Some of my favorites are WWII movies. Men from that era have been called our Greatest Generation and I agree 100%. They absolutely were. One of my favorite all-time shows is Band of Brothers. What an amazing, in-depth look into the psyche of men who faced death on a daily basis. They lost best friends, saw carnage, fought for freedom, yet remained human throughout it all. I think that must have been the hardest part – trying to stay human.
Same thing goes for Medieval knights – much like the military of the United States of America has done since the creation of the country, Medieval knights went through some changes in the 366 years considered the High Middle Ages. From coats of mail and leather armor to plate armor of tempered steel, better swords, better general equipment, and to finally the introduction of gunpowder and firearms. That’s where Medieval becomes something else because, certainly, a knight on horseback is no match for a cannon.
Still, Medieval men, this Band of Brothers, fought and died together much like men of our era do. Times may change the Band of Brothers mentality never changes. There is something that goes beyond loyalty with these men – trusting the man next to you enough that you knew, if you got into close quarters combat, that he would literally protect your back. He would literally die defending you. Where do you think the modern terms “have your back” or “I’d trust him/her with my life” came from? Those terms came from situations that we, as civilians, can hardly understand. Those terms were born from a bond between brothers, blood or otherwise.
Lords of Thunder Book 1iBooksAt the moment, I’m writing the last installment of my Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood series, which gives the reader insight into three brothers and their bond, military and otherwise. It’s been such a fun series to write and to explore what drives men who were determined to help shape England. The de Shera brothers truly are a Band of Brothers in every sense and the passage from Henry V that contains the phrase, Band of Brothers, truly embodies these men I have worked so hard to do justice to:
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother.
Great stuff. For this coming Memorial Day, let’s not just remember the men of our century or century past and what they did for us. Let’s remember all veterans of all wars, men who fought and died for causes that, in many cases, no longer exist. Men who shaped our world. To all of those veterans out there, Medieval or otherwise, we remember. And thanks.Lords of Thunder Book 2

To find out more on the Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood trilogy, check them out on Amazon:
Kathryn Le Veque on Amazon

Lords of Thunder Book 3


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  1. Jacquie Biggar

    Powerful piece, Kathryn. I, thankfully, can’t imagine going through the trials and tribulations of these men throughout the ages. Warfare is a cornerstone to our growth as a nation, sad to say.
    I love your book covers, very eye-catching. 🙂
    Jacquie Biggar

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      Thank you, Jacquie! I really enjoyed writing this article. And thanks for the compliments on my covers – I do them all myself, so I’m very happy to hear that!

  2. Kimi C

    I cannot wait for Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood to come out. I loved this article. Being raised in today’s world, it is hard to imagine living then. I am so thankful to all veterans past and present.

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      Thank you, Kimi 🙂 Much love to you!

  3. Rose Gorham

    Great post. I haven’t read the series yet but it is on my TRL.

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Jo-Ann

    Great post. I’ve always respected military men, but I hadn’t taken the time to consider the bonds between them. Insightful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jo-Ann Carson
    Smart, Sexy Suspense

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      Very strong bonds, yes. I think I must have been a man in a past life because I can really relate to those bonds!

      Thank you for your comment!

  5. susan h

    Wonderful history and insight. I love the Lords of Thunder series. Looking forward to the last installment.

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      Thank you!

  6. Danniell

    Great post! I love your books.

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. sarah

    One of the many things I love about Kathryn’s books are the facts and amount of detail she weaves into her stories. Never have to scoff and say “yeah right, that so didn’t happen” really looking forward to the last thunder lord!!!!

  8. Denise C.

    Enjoying the series and anxiously awaiting the release of the third book in the series.

    The main reason I enjoy your books is the historical accuracy-a close second is the depth of the characters. I am never ready for the end.

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      So appreciative, Sarah. Thank you!

  9. Gary "aka Jester"

    Love Kathryn books, can’t get enough of them, easy to read, exciting, and ohhhh the romance….LOL…

  10. Debbie Brown

    loving The Thunder Lords series!!! The covers are amazing and the stories are classic Kathryn Le Veque!!!

  11. Sandy

    I loved the first two and cant wait for the Thunder Knight!!

  12. Ann Leeson

    Great post Kathryn, love both yours and Anna’s books

  13. Rhonda Kirby

    I thoroughly enjoyed the article. Kathryn Le Veque has become one of my most favored treasures who has a permanent expanding home on my keeper shelf. I have read The Dark Lord about 10 times as well as listening to the fabulous audiobook. Last night I finished Devil’s Dominion, and it will be reread time and again. While reading Devil’s Dominion there were secondary characters which have their own story which I will read next. That is one of Kathryn LeVeque talent. She has a unique way of including characters from her prior books without making everything repetitious or boring, but making the reader want to go to the other books and read the character’s story. I haven’t read any of this author’s books which will only be read one time.

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      Thank you, Rhonda!!

  14. Nicole Laverdure

    Interesting article! Since, I love your books so much, I was wondering Kathryn, if you ever thought of writing a medieval story with a time travel touch?
    I’m excited to read your third story!

    1. Kathryn Le Veque

      I have, Nicole! The Crusader and Kingdom Come! But seriously, I find that most of my readers like straight historical romance without the time-travel touch, so that’s why I most write the straight stuff.

  15. Lisa J

    There is truly a bond created when men and women
    work together in dangerous situations and are willing to go
    to any length to protect and defend their cohorts.
    As a writer you recognize that in your stories
    and your characters’ actions. Just part of the
    reason your stories are so good!

  16. Kathryn Le Veque

    Very appreciative for all of these wonderful comments. Thank you so much – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I think I was a man in a previous life because I understand their bonds so well!

  17. Carolyn Hughes

    Great article! “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.” Such an awesome quote. I have read the first two books in the “Lords of Thunder” series (five plus stars, both of them) and I am eagerly awaiting the find book “The Thunder Knight.” The de Shera brothers value family, honor and loyalty. They are such a tight family. It is a joy to read! Bring on the Thunder!

  18. Jennifer Bumgarner

    Thank you so much for this article, Kathryn, I am so grateful for the brave souls who have fought for our country and those serving today. As the saying goes, Freedom isn’t Free! Have enjoyed the Lords of Thunder series, and looking forward to the Thunder Knight…You weave such beautiful stories together, so rich in emotion, the characters so real and endearing, thank you for sharing this amazing talent with us!

  19. lois losh

    Awesome piece

  20. Sissie

    I love me some Kathryn, if she publishes it I read it… and she is such a great person in general no matter how big her name gets she still acts the same… <3

  21. Debbie McCreary

    I enjoyed reading this Kathryn. I am a reader of you books and have not be disappointed yet. Thanks Kathryn and Anna.

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