Valentines Day is all about sharing LOVE.  I hope you will visit my fellow authors and find out the names of their heroes.

I had many of my own to choose from, but for this hop I decided to pick one who always tugs at my heart strings:

Caedmon is the hero in my book, A Man of Value. Set in the 11th century, Book Two of the Montbryce Legacy is the story of Caedmon Woolgar, the illegitimate son of a Norman Earl, Ram de Montbryce. A warrior who has always believed he is the son of a dead Saxon hero of the Battle of Hastings, Caedmon’s discovery of his illegitimacy threatens to destroy him and his marriage to Agneta Kirkthwaite. He seeks redemption by going off on the First Crusade. Agneta harbours hatreds of her own over the massacre of her family and the destruction of her home—a crime Caedmon unwittingly participated in.
Can love help them overcome hatred and forge a powerful dynasty of their own?
A Man of Value is a medieval romance, set against the backdrop of the rule of King William Rufus and the attempts of the Scottish King Malcolm to take control of Northumbria from the Normans. Caedmon’s heroism during the First Crusade takes the reader on an emotional journey to find himself as he travels across Europe to Asia Minor.


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