Sons of Rhodri

Defiant Passion by Anna Markland



Defiant Passion

Book I Sons of Rhodri

This series grew out of the villain-turned-hero character Rhodri ap Owain in Conquering Passion.

He is her destiny, but will she realize it?

Meet Rhodri



Dark and Bright by Anna Markland


Dark and Bright

Book II Sons of Rhodri

Rhys sacrifices his happy bachelor life to save his brothers. Annalise is a Norman noblewoman who would rather die than marry a Welsh barbarian.

Can you guess the hero’s favorite color?





The Winds of the Heavens by Anna Markland

The Winds of The Heavens

Book III Sons of Rhodri

They are twin patriot warriors who have always shared everything. But can they share a woman?

Sometimes love makes men do strange things!