The Anarchy Series

Books I, II, and III of The Anarchy Series



Theirs was a forbidden love…

Rodrick must abandon the woman he loves or forfeit a powerful Earldom. A story of courage, love and loss set against the backdrop of strife tearing England apart as King Stephen and Prince Henry Plantagenet vie for the throne.

Excerpt: The hero is smitten!


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Fatal Truths-Book II

At last! Alexandre’s story.

Alex de Montbryce is a rich and powerful Norman nobleman haunted by a troubled past. He has sworn never to marry.

Elayne arrives from Scotland masquerading as nursemaid to her own children, handed over by King David as good faith hostages. Neither she nor her children are who they purport to be.

Only lies can keep her twins alive.

Meet the true hero of the tale-an Irish wolfhound

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Hearts and Crowns by Anna Markland

Hearts and Crowns-Book I

Hearts and Crowns is the story of Gallien, grandson of the hero of the original Montbryce Legacy series. Gallien has sworn never to wed again after a catastrophic marriage to a shrew who betrayed him with another man. You know the old saying, Once bitten…twice shy.

Peridotte de Pontrouge, an Angevin, has long dreamed of marrying Geoffrey of Anjou, the son of her Count, but her hopes are dashed when he is betrothed to the daughter of King Henry of England. This diplomatic revolution forces Gallien and Peri to marry against their will, despite the long standing hatred between Normans and Angevins.

Can love overcome bitterness and hatred? Read the Prologue.

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