The Montbryce Legacy

Where the saga began…..

Conquering Passion by Anna Markland

Conquering Passion

Book I The Montbryce Legacy

The year is 1066. The world is about to change forever. Can love survive and flourish amid the carnage, hatred, betrayals and dangers of the Norman Conquest? Juicy historical fiction. An intimate story of passion, ambition, conspiracy, and vengeance.

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A Man of Value by Anna Markland

A Man of Value

Book II The Montbryce Legacy

The saga continues. Can our hero come to terms with his newly discovered identity, or will he always be unworthy?

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If Love Dares Enough by Anna Markland


If Love Dares Enough

Book III The Montbryce Legacy

The brothers risk everything their family holds dear to save the women they love.

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Passion in the Blood by Anna Markland


Passion in the Blood

Book IV The Montbryce Legacy

Like father, like son. Robert inherits the curse of the Montbryces.

You”ll need Kleenex for this excerpt.

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The Montbryce Legacy

Boxed Set of The Complete Series -Great Value!!