Nov 27

Help Choose a Book Title

Please welcome my friend and fellow RWA chapter member, Mimi Barbour. I owe Mimi a debt of gratitude for mentoring and encouraging me when I first started to write seriously.

Thanks so much for having me as your guest today Anna. It’s lovely to visit with someone who has the same goals and dreams.

I thought I’d share with you what’s happening in my life right now. I’ve just released “She’s Not You” which is this year’s Christmas story. Publishing a new book is always an exciting time for an author. For me, it’s a feeling of accomplishment that I love. I’ll admit it gives me a sweet rush that’s become addictive.

Is it the knowledge that I’ve finished something I started that’s so pleasurable? Heck – I don’t know. Could it be the story that’s existed in my head now has a happy ending?
At least now I can move on. Make room for the other characters who’ve been driving me batty, impatiently waiting on the sidelines and madly waving at me from time to time.
She’s Not You came to me in a the craziest way. Driving home from the nearest city one day, I listened to the radio and Elvis’s old song started to play. Since it was one of my favorites, the words rang in my head and wouldn’t turn off.
I’m serious… It would not turn off!
I’m talking day after day I found myself singing the chorus until I was driven mad enough to go and look up the lyrics. When I read them, a thought popped into my head that those words told a sad yet beautiful story and POOF!! There went the next two months of my life.
Did I imagine that I could write one book, heck no. I’m now committed to writing a series – all based on the words to the King’s old recordings. His music brought people into the Rock and Roll age and gave hours of listening entertainment to millions of fans.
Myself, I crushed on the singer so his songs have always ranked as many of my old favorites. Therefore, bringing them to life in a book is a labor of love.
Since I haven’t chosen which song to use for the next book yet, I intend to set up a contest to let the readers help make that decision. The information for this contest will be posted on my website and Facebook page. So… if you’d like to be involved, please do come and either sign up for my newsletter on my website or follow me on Facebook. Soon, I will be writing a post and sending everyone linked with me the simple rules.

**The winner will not only choose the title by picking his/ her favorite song of Elvis’s, but the book will be dedicated to that person also.

Website: http://www.mimibarbour.com
Blog: http://mimibarbour.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mimi.barbour?ref=tn_tnmn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MimiBarbour @MimiBarbour

Author of The Vicarage Bench Series, Angels with Attitude Series, and the Vegas Series, Mimi lives on the East coast of Vancouver Island and writes her paranormal romances with tongue in cheek and a mad glint in her eye. “If I can steal a booklover’s attention away from their every-day grind, absorb them into a fantasy love story, and make them care about the ending, then I’ve done my job.”


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  1. Alicia Dean

    Oh my gosh!!! This is a fabulous idea…I’ve got goose bumps. I am a HUGE Elvis fan. I had no idea there was a connection, but when I saw your book title, I was like, that’s an Elvis song…and a GREAT one. I’m such a huge fan, I named my son Presley. 🙂 He’ll be 21 December 11…and he loves his name, and all my kids love Elvis. Sorry to babble on but i’m excited, and a little jealous I didn’t think of it. (I mention Elvis’s music in almost every one of my 18 published works, LOL). I’m going over RIGHT NOW to buy this book and to sign up for your newsletter and friend you on FB, if I’m not already your friend. It’s odd that I decided to read this post. I don’t always get to the blogs posts that come through on the loop, but I checked this one out for some reason…hmmm….must have sensed an Elvis vibe.

    1. Mimi Barbour

      Hi Alice, I’m so pleased to meet up with you. At my age, I felt a little shy telling the world I still have a crush on the guy but you’ve made me feel it’s just fine. Will be pleased to have you for a Facebook friend and look forward to getting to know you much better. Thank You….xo

    2. Alicia Dean

      I’m pleased to meet up with you. As far as the age, no need to feel shy about it. Uhm, I’m 52, and I have a crush on the Vampire Diaries/Originals guys, and I go to the conventions…feel even better now? 🙂

  2. Jodie Esch

    Mimi is a great support to other writers and last year she gave me a much needed push to change the manuscripts studded across my desktop like a mini galaxy and transform them into novels.
    I will be forever thankful for her encouragement and advice when I could have easily walked away from the process.
    She continues to inspire me with her awesome work ethic and her interest in social media.
    You are a star Mimi! Thanks so much.

    1. Mimi Barbour

      Thanks Jodie – you’re very easy to help sweet lady.xo

  3. jbiggar

    I love your book cover!! What a great idea, Elvis had many inspiring songs, should make for some interesting books 🙂

    1. Mimi Barbour

      Hi Jacquie, Thanks for the comment. It’s been a lot of fun writing to this song. Whenever I wondered which way to work the story, I just turned on the music and somehow I knew. Take care…Mimi

  4. Sandy

    Mimi, I haven’t used an Elvis song for a title, but I did use Blue Suede Shoes in my book, The Deceived. The hero liked to perform karaoke. Smile! Those were the days when you understood every word being said in the song. lol

    1. Mimi Barbour

      Hi Sandy, Not sure I could write a romance called Blue Suede Shoes…LOL Thanks for the comment.
      Take care… Mimi

  5. Gemma Juliana

    What a lovely theme, Mimi. I love the cover of your book. It’s so warm and inviting. I enjoyed reading your post. Wishing you the best of luck with your new story!

    1. Mimi Barbour

      Thank you Gemma. It was a fun book to write and I have to admit to now knowing the song by heart :-))

  6. Mary Marvella

    I think you have a winner from a winner! I have many memories of Elvis’s music from my EARLY teens. My grandmama liked him because he sang hymns and looked after his mama. Elvis the Pelvis! The Ed Sullivan Show.

    1. Mimi Barbour

      Mary, I think I’d like your Grandmama. My dad watched the Ed Sullivan show and kept nattering on about Elvis having ants in his pants. LOL

  7. Melissa Keir

    Elvis is <3! My mom adored him and of course she turned us on to his music. I loved watching his movies and dreaming of him! It didn't hurt that he sort of looked like my dad. I did always want a man like dad!

    Best of luck Mimi! I love the cover!!

    1. Mimi Barbour

      Thanks Melissa. It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only dreamer out there lol

  8. Sydney

    Just testing the comment form for Anna’s new site.

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