Jul 15

More Powerful than Merlin’s Magic by Kim Kasch

Please welcome Kim Kasch who travels back in time to Hamlet’s Castle in Elsinore.


Thanks for having me, Anna. The statue of Holger Danske still sits today in the casemates (or what we might call the dungeons) of the castle in Elsinore, Denmark.

Holger was a Viking warrior and Prince, the son of King Geoffrey of Denmark, destined to become King himself but instead he chose the life of a warrior. Most Americans have heard of King Arthur and his sword Excalibur but few have heard of Holger Danske and his sword Cortana, although Cortana was made from the same metal and temper as Excalibur and also given as a gift from the Lady of the Lake, Freya – a Norse Goddess. Few know of Holger’s romance with King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgaine LeFey. It is a tale more tragic than Romeo and Juliet and more powerful than Merlin’s magic.

THE VIKING PRINCESS is a legendary romance filled with honorable Knights from King Arthur’s Round Table, Salacious Pirates, and Brutal Vikings.

This is the story of the legendary Viking hero and Prince of Denmark, Holger Danske, and his forbidden romance with King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgaine LeFey. This tale has never been told outside of Denmark…until now. Morgaine and Holger faced an attraction more powerful than any sword, stronger than statueany warrior and more magical than all the powers of Merlin.

The Lady of the Lake gave Excalibur to King Arthur but she also gave his brother-in-law a sword made from the same metal and magic. That sword is “Cortana”.

The Viking Princess is an 80,000 word New Adult legendary retelling of folk-lore legend and Danish leader, Holger Danske, and his magical romance with the sorceress Princess Morgaine Le Fey.

They met on a battlefield, poised against each other, but their attraction was more powerful than any sword, stronger than any warrior and more magical than Merlin.


Link to my book: http://www.amazon.com/Viking-Princess-Book-ebook/dp/B00UFXBIBC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1425951445&sr=8-1&keywords=kim+kasch+The+Viking+Princess

Link to my nook book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-viking-princess-kim-kasch/1121488709?ean=2940151759601


He laughed at her, making her senses bristle.

She was not amused. “Am I humorous?”

“I have heard you are many things,” he replied, “but humor has never been cited as one of your virtues.”

“First you laugh at me, and then you belittle me. Is this the way you treat all women?”

Hamlets Castle

He pulled back on the reins. His horse slid to an immediate standstill. Then, burying his face into her hair, he whispered in her ear, “I have shown enormous restraint. Would you like me to show you how I treat all women?”

The burning ember inside her flared to a flame. The muscles low in her belly tightened, as she clenched her legs tighter, wrapping them around his steed. Sucking air into her lungs, she felt the immediate pulse of desire race through the core of her body. She wanted to reach back over her head and wrap her arms around his neck, to pull him even closer.

It was all she could do to hold her tongue and keep from begging him, when all she wanted to say was, “Yes, yes, please show me.”

Her body motionless, she could feel the warmth of him as his hands grew bold, slipping beneath the soft linens covering her, his fingers gently gliding up over her stomach, travelling beneath her breasts and edging up…

A voice whispered inside her head. What are you doing? This man is your enemy. He intends to kill you, your brother, everyone you love…

She grabbed his wrists, holding him still and steady. “You have caught me, kidnapped me, and dragged me here. I may be your prisoner, but do not think that I am interested in your advances.”

His body tensed and he pulled back his hands, gripping her firmly about the waist. “I, Holger, the prince over all the Norse lands, have never had a woman decline the privilege of being my lover.”

“Prince or pauper, it matters not to me what rank you hold, for I, too, am highborn and accustomed to many privileges,” she snapped back, unwilling to let him bask in his own conceit. “And being your lover is not a privilege I would prize.”

“Perhaps,” he said, softening his touch. Slowly he ran his finger down the length of her neck, taunting her. “But are you accustomed to this?” He swung her around to face him; his mouth moved to her neck, gently caressing her throat with his lips and tongue.VikingPrincess_KimKasch_Large

The warrior with the devil’s horns was surprisingly gentle and tender with his affections. Morgaine could not contain her pleasure. A small sigh moved up from her throat, over her lips, unexpectedly escaping into the night air. “This is nothing,” he whispered against her flesh, his hand moving down over her navel. Travelling to the valley between her thighs, he pressed his fingers into her apex and she gasped at his touch.

He pulled his hand back. “After your shrill tongue and insults, the next time you will have to beg for my attentions.”

His tone shocked her back into the present. No man had ever spoken to her in this manner. He had no idea of her power. She was not some peasant he could toy with. Morgaine Le Fey was a princess, the sister of King Arthur. It was her turn to laugh…and it came out of her loud and hard. He must not know of her talents. She was the most powerful sorceress in Camelot and perhaps a dozen other kingdoms.

“Me? Beg? To think you will ever witness such an act from me,” she started to say but then shook her head and continued, “You must be more than foolish.”

“We will see,” he said, sounding more arrogant and insolent than ever.

“Yes, we shall see,” she replied, as he gave his horse a nudge and they continued riding.


I’m a writer who grew up in a family with 9 kids and only 1 TV so I spent my days reading and, later, writing. I love books. . .maybe because I never got to pick TV shows we watched. But I’d run home after school to catch the last fifteen minutes of Dark Shadows.

I still love to run…or at my age, maybe I should say wogging (a cross between walking and jogging). Here in Portland, I love Halloween themed runs – where people don costumes and run. It’s a lot of fun…and I know those two words don’t always go together: fun…and…run. But it is.

And, with all those Halloween themed runs, I guess Dark Shadows had more of an influence than some people might think. Even today my favorite author is Stephen King. My all-time favorite book is Salem’s Lot.

Favorite romance novels are The Hunger Games…okay, I know, it’s a survival book but it’s really all about romance. Then there were the series: Twilight, Fifty Shades, and more but I also love paranormal, Horror and even light books like Dewey the Small Town Library Cat… Mainly, I just love to read. . . and write.

I’ve just had my first novel published and am looking to share it with the world. It’s a story I was inspired to write after visiting Hamlet’s Castle and seeing an enormous Viking statue down in the tunnels next to the dungeons.

Sorry to be so long-winded but did I say I love to write? …and talk and…knit, and sew, and bake… I could go on but I’ll stop by saying, I hope you’ll stop in on my site and I can tell you I have a young adult horror novel coming in July: Demon’s Ink.

Thanks for listening.

My website is: www.kimbrakasch.com and my blog is www.kimkasch.blogspot.com


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  1. Melissa Keir

    Why do you think no one knew about this tale?

    1. Kim Kasch

      Melissa: I think no one knows about the tale, even though it is interwoven with the tale of King Arthur of Britain and King Charlemagne of France, because King Arthur’s tale is in English and we all find French so romantic. ;D

      Plus, I think the Viking tales have been kept fairly secret. The Danes keep their history/mythology close to the chest. But it is such a fun tale, I just had to tell it ;D

  2. Sylvie Grayson

    Hi Kim,
    I love the idea of ‘wogging’. It doesn’t sound as painful as running, but a cross between a walk and a jog is about my speed. 🙂
    Great excerpt,

    Sylvie Grayson

    1. Kim Kasch

      Thanks Sylvie. I can always enjoy a nice walk and if I jog a bit, I really feel like I’ve done some “real” exercise. We should all go for a cyber-wog… ;D I wonder if that would count on my Weight Watchers Tracker.

  3. Stanalei Fletcher

    Congrats on the new book, Kim. That excerpt is intense!

    1. Kim Kasch

      Thanks Stanalie! I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.

      And, to tell the truth, I think my excerpt was mild compared to some of the stories I’ve heard about the Vikings ;D

      Plus, if you read The Viking Princess, I’d love to hear what you think of the intensity levels 😀

      Kimbra Kasch

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