Sep 03

Oh, The Places You Will Go! by Audra Hall

I am pleased to welcome Audra Hall as my guest today. Audra isn’t an author, but she’s an avid reader of historical romance, and I asked her to share her thoughts about her preferred genre. She is a nurse who lives in Georgia.

My name is Audra Hall and I love to read.  My favorite genre is historical romance.  I like most any historical romance but my favorite era is medieval ages and my absolute favorite setting is the Scottish Highlands.  There is just something about a warrior in a kilt carrying a claymore that just does something to me.

Me too, Audra. Is there a particular series you’ve enjoyed?

The Murray Family series by Hannah Howell is some of my favorites.   The Murray clan is a tight, close-knit family.  They look out for each other.  And they love fiercely and with everything they have.  And to me that is what family should be about.howell

That’s a coincidence. I devoured the whole Murray Family series and found a lot of inspiration in Hannah’s books when I began The Montbryce Legacy series. Why do you enjoy reading?

Reading to me is like therapy.  It is my time out.  When I am reading I can tune everyone and every thing out. I don’t have to think just read and let the story – no matter the setting – take me to a place and time that I have never been.  I really enjoy getting to know the characters.

I have several go-to authors that I read and for a long time I wouldn’t stray away from them.  But I discovered that I was missing out on a lot of good reads so I have branched out. That’s how I found you, Miss Anna (quite by accident) and now you’re one of my favorite go-to authors.

Thanks, Audra. It’s a big boost for an author to have loyal readers like you. Any final advice?

READ!  It’s doesn’t matter what you like to read as long as you read!  Oh, the places you will go!



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  1. Anna Markland

    I’m pleased to have you as my guest today, Audra.

    1. Audra

      Thank you for having me. After I stressed a little bit, I did have a little fun.

  2. Sydney

    Great to see a reader on your blog, Anna. And thanks to Audra for sharing what you like to read. If you’re ever interested in some 1880s Americana, do I have a book series for you. Kidding! Just keep reading and telling people and then others will follow in your footsteps.
    Best wishes,
    author of the Defiant Hearts series

    1. Audra

      I will check it out!

  3. Sylvie Grayson

    What a nice surprise to find a reader giving us feedback on why she reads and what she likes. I agree, reading is your time out with a focus that has changed from your everyday life to some other world, no matter the genre of book.
    Great column, Anna

  4. Gemma Juliana

    Anna, what a lovely idea to have an avid reader do a blog post.

    Audra, I enjoyed your perspective and am so glad you encourage people to read, read, read! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lana Williams

    Hi Audra! I couldn’t agree more – reading takes you places that you’d never otherwise get to explore! I enjoy historical romance as well! Yes, keep reading!

  6. Melissa Keir

    There is something about the Scottish Highlands… the men are very manly and they are fierce. I can’t imagine someone who isn’t strong being able to survive there. 🙂

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