I’m pleased to announce the publication of a collection of four of my stories that center on the theme of Exile.

Banished is the story of Sigmar and Audra who meet again at the English court of King Canute after their feuding families were banished years before from Jomsberg, a tight knit Viking community in the Baltic.

A Man of Value is the second book in the (four book?) trilogy The Montbryce Legacy. It tells the story of a Saxon family forced into exile in Scotland after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror. When Caedmon returns to England, he discovers he is the epitome of everything he has been raised to despise.

Ronan is the Dark Irish Knight cruelly tortured and stripped of his ancestral estates in Ireland.  He is forced into exile in England where he seeks help to return to his lands and wreak revenge.

In Maknab’s Revenge, Ingram discovers revenge doesn’t perhaps taste as sweet as he thought it would when he returns to claim his birthright.

The collection is only available on Amazon and can be read for FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

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