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Sep 12

Tales of the Valkyries #FREE

I am excited to be one of a group of bestselling authors to bring you a FREE collection of Viking short stories. Here’s a bit more about the authors and their stories. Emma Prince has written a tale entitled  Aegir’s Daughter. Ulfarr believes only the sea can quench his thirst for adventure—until he meets the mysterious Bára, …

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Mar 02

Get to Know~ME!

For a change of pace, I thought I’d share with you some things about me you may not know. I was born in the north of England, in the county of Lancashire, but I live now on Canada’s west coast. Victoria, British Columbia is known as Canada’s “Garden City” for good reason. Most people don’t realise …

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Oct 11

Anniversary of The Battle of Hastings

948 years ago this week, William the Conqueror scored a decisive victory at Hastings in Sussex. This event changed the course of English history and English life forever. Here’s video of a reenactment of the battle that took place on the 940th anniversary. In my novel, Conquering Passion I describe the emotions of my Norman …

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