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Oct 19

Viking Ships

It’s common knowledge that the Vikings’ shipbuilding abilities allowed them to travel vast distances by sea. Here is a diagram of the different kinds of Viking ships. The smallest ship was used for coastal and river travel. The second is a depiction of the Knarr, used for trading. Two kinds of warships are shown, the …

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Sep 30

Viking Lore~Silver Spoons and Runes

Vikings weren’t uncouth barbarians. They used a sophisticated system of writing known as runes. Here is a picture of Viking runes. Can you spell your name? Here’s my attempt at the names of my h/h from The Rover Bold, Bryk and Cathryn. Some of the rune stones erected by Vikings can still be seen today …

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Sep 12

Tales of the Valkyries #FREE

I am excited to be one of a group of bestselling authors to bring you a FREE collection of Viking short stories. Here’s a bit more about the authors and their stories. Emma Prince has written a tale entitled  Aegir’s Daughter. Ulfarr believes only the sea can quench his thirst for adventure—until he meets the mysterious Bára, …

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Jan 06

Happy New Year! Try Historical Romance for FREE

Never tried historical romance? You can download a free booklet of 16 excerpts from the novels of a variety of historical romance authors. Click here for your free download of UNEXPECTED. (epub or mobi formats available) The video shows a sampling of the covers of the books included. It was a tremendous thrill and honor to have my …

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