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Oct 19

Viking Ships

It’s common knowledge that the Vikings’ shipbuilding abilities allowed them to travel vast distances by sea. Here is a diagram of the different kinds of Viking ships. The smallest ship was used for coastal and river travel. The second is a depiction of the Knarr, used for trading. Two kinds of warships are shown, the …

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Sep 24

My Love of Books by Janice Hullett

I‘ve been lucky enough to have some of my readers share with us why they love to read what they do. Janice Hullett is the third in the series. Welcome, Janice. Thanks for inviting me, Anna. My love of books started when I was in my late teens and the beginning of my twenties.  My …

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May 14

Vikings and Law by Andrea Cooper

Please welcome Andrea Cooper to my website today. Her topic is one of my favorites-Vikings! Many have the image of Vikings as raiders, pillagers, and worse. Blond men who wield sword and axes hungry for blood. Savages. However, the reality of the Vikings is more complex. Many were farmers and rather than bloodthirsty warriors, they …

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Apr 30

Why I Write Victorian Romance by Christy Carlyle

It gives me great pleasure today to welcome another Love Historicals author, Christy Carlyle. Among Christy’s many talents is graphic artistry. She designed the cover for the anthology Magnificent Medieval Men that I am part of with three other authors. Thanks for having me as your guest, Anna. I blame my interest in the Victorian …

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Apr 23

Women’s Suffrage by Nancy Morse

I’m delighted to welcome fellow Love Historicals author, Nancy Morse. Thank you for having me as your guest today, Anna. When you asked why we should care about historical events, I immediately thought of the next full-length novel I’m planning to write and how the events of that time impact the women we are today. …

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Apr 02

Happy Birthday, Charlemagne by Jill Hughey

I am very pleased to welcome Jill Hughey, another member of the Love Historicals group. Great to be here, Anna. It’s appropriate today to talk about Conquest and Prosperity  – The Rule of Charlemagne and Everyone Else. Power and wealth are keen motivators to people of a certain ilk. The individual who can harness the …

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