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Jul 15

More Powerful than Merlin’s Magic by Kim Kasch

Please welcome Kim Kasch who travels back in time to Hamlet’s Castle in Elsinore. Thanks for having me, Anna. The statue of Holger Danske still sits today in the casemates (or what we might call the dungeons) of the castle in Elsinore, Denmark. Holger was a Viking warrior and Prince, the son of King Geoffrey …

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May 13

Vikings in Northumbria by Michelle Styles

My guest today is Michelle Styles who writes warm, witty and intimate historical romance in a wide range of time periods for Harlequin Historical. Thank you Anna for having me. I am absolutely delighted to be here today to talk about one of my favourite subjects — Vikings and the Kingdom of Northumbria. A number …

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Feb 04

Viking Sheildmaidens – Truth or Fantasy? by Andrea Cooper

  It’s a pleasure to once again welcome Andrea Cooper . Today she travels back in time to share the tale of female Viking warriors. Good to be back, Anna. I’ve always thought that myths and legends have a degree of truth to them. The Viking sagas are no exception. Women are mentioned in the sagas …

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May 14

Vikings and Law by Andrea Cooper

Please welcome Andrea Cooper to my website today. Her topic is one of my favorites-Vikings! Many have the image of Vikings as raiders, pillagers, and worse. Blond men who wield sword and axes hungry for blood. Savages. However, the reality of the Vikings is more complex. Many were farmers and rather than bloodthirsty warriors, they …

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