Vikings weren’t uncouth barbarians. They used a sophisticated system of writing known as runes. Here is a picture of Viking runes. Can you spell your name?


Here’s my attempt at the names of my h/h from The Rover Bold, Bryk and Cathryn.


Some of the rune stones erected by Vikings can still be seen today in many parts of the world. Here are replicas of two that were on exhibit at the Royal BC Museum in 2014. The museum hosted a spectacular display on loan from Scandinavia just as I was embarking on my Viking trilogy! The timing couldn’t have been better!


Norsemen made extensive use of silver, as you see from this belt buckle, found in a viking grave in Sweden. My hero Torstein from The Rover Defiant wore one just like it!


I also saw a tiny silver spoon. The scoop part was smaller than the fingernail of my pinkie finger. It was used for cleaning ears! So much for the notion Vikings didn’t care about taking care of their bodies.

Some of you have seen these pictures of Viking dice before. While rather crude they do demonstrate the level of craftsmanship, and humor!

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