Viking Roots Medieval Romance Saga

Book I~ The Rover Bold



HE is a Viking nobleman who has turned his back on murder and mayhem, but he must fight for a stake in the new land of Francia. SHE is a Frankish orphan, named for the convent where she was left as a foundling. The religious life is her destiny. They don’t speak each other’s language, their only go-between an ancient nun. This can’t be a romance, can it?

The Viking Roots series traces the earliest ancestors of the Montbryce family in Normandy.

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Book II~ The Rover Defiant


amazonkindleThe Viking nobility will never forgive or forget that Torstein was once a slave. The woman of high birth he loves has too much pride to give herself to a freed thrall. Can he defy the odds and prove himself worthy?




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Book III~The Rover Betrayed

Heir to his father’s lands and titles, the recently widowed Magnus is obliged to leave his grieving daughters behind at Montdebryk to fight against a Flemish incursion into Norman territory. He captures Judith, a Flemish noblewoman, and quickly loses his heart. But she is the sister of his sworn enemy. Can he trust her not to betray him and his country?


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