Oct 29

Welcome to the World of de Wolfe Pack

HighlandDawn_CVR (4) 200300I am very excited to be one of the authors helping to launch Kathryn Le Veque’s World of de Wolfe Pack on Kindle Worlds. My contribution to the launch is a novella entitled HIGHLAND DAWN. Inspired by Kathryn’s book Lion of the North, the story dovetails nicely into my Caledonia Chronicles Series. PRIDE OF THE CLAN was Book 1, HIGHLAND TIDES Book 2, and HIGHLAND DAWN tucks in at Book 2.5.

Mine is one of more than a dozen books by bestselling authors of all genres available in the World of de Wolfe Pack on October 29th. Medieval, Regency, Western, Contemporary, Paranormal-The Best of All Worlds.


Here are just a few.




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  1. Jacqui Nelson

    What an exciting project to be included in, Anna! Love your world 🙂

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks, Jacqui. It promises to be an exciting ride.

  2. Judy Baker

    Anna, congrats on the great project you’re included in. Best of luck.

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks, Judy, It’s been a wild ride so far.

  3. Melissa Keir

    Congrats! I’m so excited for you! I wish you all the best!

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks Melissa, You’re always so supportive. It’s been interesting to say the least.

  4. Gemma Juliana

    What a fascinating concept, Anna. I’m sure you are having the time of your life on this wild ride! Your cover is stunning. Wishing you all the best with it!

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks Gemma, The book is doing well so far. Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. Lana Williams

    Congratulations, Anna! Can’t wait to read it!

  6. Anna Markland

    I’m reading yours now! What an adventure I’m sure you’ll agree.

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