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World of De Wolfe Pack

HungryWolf_CVR_MEDWe are gearing up for the launch of the second round of De Wolfe stories on KindleWorlds on September 6th. For my contribution this time I have written what I call a “contemporary medieval”.

How does that work? Hungry Like De Wolfe is set in London in this century, but the plot revolves around a descendant of Kathryn Le Veque’s medieval De Wolfe family. As my readers know, it’s a departure from my usual medieval niche, and I had a lot of fun writing it.

Blurb: Two great medieval dynasties come together.  Le Veque’s De Wolfe Pack and Markland’s Montbryce~FitzRam family. The world will never be the same.

_DSC0475Meara Platt is another returning author. She  lives in one of the many great towns on Long Island, New York and loves it, except for the traffic. She has traveled the world, works as managing partner in a boutique law firm in NYC, occasionally lectures and finds time to write. Her favorite place in all the world is England’s Lake District.

Her De Wolfe book this time is entitled KISS AN ANGEL.

Ginny Beresford, daughter of the Earl of Beresford, has always been able to see her guardian angel, but as she grows up and enters Society she realizes that her soul mate and the only man she will ever love is her angel, a renowned warrior who lived 350 years ago. But can she overcome the obstacles of time and the laws of nature and existence to find her happiness with the man who’s claimed her heart?KissAngelCover13883667_743315949159164_1381300903_n (1)

Titus de Wolfe’s life was cut short by men he trusted who turned traitor to their king. A fierce warrior in his day, he is now an admired warrior angel known as Jeremiah, but his existence has always felt incomplete. When he’s assigned to guard Ginny Beresford, he finds himself falling in love with her and knows he must risk all if they are ever to have a chance of being together.

RuthKaufmanRuth Kaufman is the Chicago author of the Wars of the Roses Brides trilogy. Accolades include 2016 Booksellers’ Best Award winner for Best Historical and Best First Book, and Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® winner. She’s also an on-camera and voiceover talent who enjoys peanut butter and chocolate milkshakes and singing in a symphony chorus.

Her De Wolfe book is MY ENEMY, MY LOVE

Lady Aline de Lacy is one of hundreds trapped between a chateau under siege and the French army’s camp in the midst of winter. If she survives, she yearns to return to her happy life as an earl’s daughter in England.MEML COVER

Sir Apollo de Norville, King Philip II’s messenger, prefers the freedom of the road to settling down with a wife and the responsibility of managing lands. But after he rescues an unconscious beauty from the cold, he’s commanded to marry her as a gesture of peace. How do you live with, much less love, your enemy?




DBDawn Brower works as a substitute teacher and enjoys the flexibility it gives her to concentrate on her other endeavors. Growing up she was the only girl out of six children. She is a single mother of two teenage boys; there is never a dull moment in her life. While she loves all genres she focuses most of her writing on historical and contemporary romance.

DON’T HAPPEN TWICE. One night of passion leaves Noelle Dewolfe Graham longing for her Mr. Mysterious…

An undercover operative, Kane Delaney, leaves the woman he loves in order to protect her. A case he’s working on takes a turn for the worst leaving him no choice but to return to her for aid. Noelle is the one person he can trust, even if she has every right to be angry with him.DHTKWLOGO

Taking an impromptu vacation at her family’s lake house Noelle is surprised to find Kane at the back door. He’s injured, surly, and every bit as gorgeous as she remembers. Lucky for him she’s a doctor and doesn’t hold a grudge.

Can they survive the threats surrounding them long enough to rekindle their growing passion or will Kane’s dangerous life destroy them forever?


author pic copy 4Màiri Norris loves to read and write historical romance. She is a USN vet and stay-at-­home mom to three spoiled cats but enjoys traveling with her Coast Guard retiree husband and hopes one day to live in the Highlands of Scotland. Her hobby is making dollhouse miniatures ­ when not haring off to medieval England, ancient Scandinavia, or Colonial America. She is a proud member of Clan Donald, USA.


A mercenary with a bloodstained soul. Elrik of Breda has had enough of death and seeks a place to build a home and live in peace.b-rose-e-reader copy

An innocent with a secret. Yrsa of Ottham has lived too long with loss and rejection. She yearns for a place where she belongs.

Sometimes, the intervention of Fate creates magic. Together, they embark on a quest to fulfill the longings of their hearts… but the cost may be higher than they could ever dream.



Headshot colorEmma Prince is the Amazon All-Star and Bestselling author of steamy historical romances jam-packed with adventure, conflict, and of course love! Emma grew up in drizzly Seattle, but traded her rain boots for sunglasses when she and her husband moved to the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. Emma spent several years in academia, both as a graduate student and an instructor of college-level English and Humanities courses. She always savored her “fun books”, but as she began looking for the next chapter in her life, she wondered if perhaps her passion could turn into a career. Ever since then, she’s been reading and writing books that celebrate happily ever afters!

A shadowed past…

To avoid questions about his shameful secret, Thorolf has carefully constructed a life as a roving shipbuilder. But when entrancing Pict thrall Bridget falls into Thorolf’s arms begging for help, he cannot resist the golden-haired beauty’s pleas. He risks his life to spirit her safely back to her homeland, despite vowing never to return to Pictland. Now he must choose between guarding the truth of his past or giving his heart to the brave woman who heals him with her merest touch.

A fated future…Thor's Wolf cover with official KW logo

After being shunned by her people for possessing the Touch, Bridget resigns herself to a solitary life on the outskirts of her village. When Viking raiders capture her and deliver her to their cruel Jarl, she fears that this new nightmare may never end. Yet within Thorolf’s protective embrace, Bridget lets herself hope for not only the shelter his strong arms promise, but also the acceptance her own people denied her. But when the truth of both of their pasts comes to light, will fate rip them apart forever?



Cathy MacRaeAmazon best-selling author, Cathy MacRae, fell in love with Scotland many years ago. She resides on the sunny side of the Arbuckle Mountains where she pens her stories of strong Highland heroes and feisty Scottish lasses and their journey to their happy-ever-afters.

THE SAINT Following in the footsteps of his uncle, the famous Lord William de Wolfe, Geoffrey de Wylde was counted among the greatest knights England had ever known. Revered for his justness and strict adherence to the chivalric code, he was known as The Saint.TheSaint3 high res Amazon

Fleeing the unwanted attentions of her late husband’s brother, Marsaili de Ville runs headlong into the path of The Saint. She wants nothing more than to reach the safety of her family’s home in Scotland before Edmund de Ville’s henchmen capture her, but Geoffrey de Wylde insists on becoming her protector, slowing her flight and putting her unknowingly at risk.

As her past catches up with her, Marsaili will find more than a safe haven in The Saint’s arms. And Geoffrey de Wylde will discover his code does not tell him what to do with a woman who has been accused of murder, yet who has captured his heart.

MadelineHeadShot3Madeline Martin lives in Florida with two beautiful daughters (collectively known as the minions) and a man so wonderful, he’s been dubbed Mr. Awesome. She writes Scottish historical romance and recently enjoyed a wonderful trip to Scotland for amazing research.

The Highlander’s Challenge
Bridget De Wolfe is the great niece of Penelope De Wolfe and has also taken up a knight’s life. When she sees her brother slain on the battlefield in front of her, she vows vengeance. The opportunity to avenge him comes far sooner than anticipated when she becomes betrothed to the very man who killed him, Aidan MacAlister.KU_TheHighlandersChallenge-4
 Aidan has assumed the role of parent to his two younger siblings after his parents’ deaths. Robert the Bruce has insists he marry an English noble to secure the Scottish English alliance. His acquiescence affords him land and a home for his family. Only his new wife is unlike any woman he’s ever met…and she’s already tried to kill him.
This is just a sampling of what’s in store come September 6th. It’s a great privilege for me to write in Kathryn’s World with these bestselling authors. STAY TUNED.



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  1. Melissa Keir

    Sounds like some fun books! I wish you all the best!

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks Melissa.

  2. Jacqueline Seewald

    Congrats, Anna! A very ambitious collection of work. Wishing you much success.

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks Jacqueline. It’s exciting being involved in these projects.

  3. Jacquie Biggar

    A great line-up! As you know, I’m a fan 🙂 Best of luck, Anna, and all the De Wolfes!

    1. Anna Markland

      Thanks Jacquie. Getting close to the wire now!

  4. Kathryn Le Veque

    I can’t tell you how grateful and humble I am that these fabulous authors would be generous enough to participate in my re-launch. Wonderful talent, wonderful ladies, wonderful books!! This group has been a dream to work with!!

    1. Anna Markland

      We love working with you Kathryn.

  5. Melba

    I can’t wait to read all these great stories!

    1. Anna Markland

      You’ll love them Melba. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Màiri Norris

    Thanks so much for having me here, Anna! It’s such a pleasure to be part of the de Wolfe Pack world relaunch. I had so much fun writing the story and am honored to be included with so many excellent authors. The countdown to launch is exciting!

    1. Anna Markland

      Great working with you Mairi.

  7. Janet Dulin

    Love to hear more about this.

    1. Anna Markland

      All the books will launch on amazon dot com on Sept 6th Janet.

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