“Conquest is an epic medieval romance with characters of amazing depth.”

~ NY Times Bestselling Author Virginia Henley




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“Anna Markland weaves a fantastic tale of love, passion, raw emotions and inner conflict. Ms. Markland has obviously studied the medieval period well. The characters become real people and I was transported back to 11th century Europe, with all their trials and tribulations. The historic detail wound into their love story is simply brilliant! A fantastic read!”~Reviewer

The Caledonia Chronicles

~Praise for Anna Markland~

“If you enjoy the historical richness of Ken Follett, you’ll love Anna Markland’s books. Follett with a woman’s touch!”


“Her books are page turning reads. I can’t put them down. Ms. Markland has created true to life characters. They are real people struggling with real problems and dangerous challenges.”

“Anna’s Montbryce series medieval books are truly worth their space on any bookshelf. The settings and characters shine, bringing the whole era to life. Read them all. I don’t regret a moment spent in Markland’s fabulous world.”