Oct 19

Viking Ships


It’s common knowledge that the Vikings’ shipbuilding abilities allowed them to travel vast distances by sea. Here is a diagram of the different kinds of Viking ships. The smallest ship was used for coastal and river travel. The second is a depiction of the Knarr, used for trading. Two kinds of warships are shown, the …

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Oct 12

Jacquie Biggar ~ A Story from the Heart


I’m very happy and excited to be on my friend and critique partner, Anna Markland’s, blog today! Thank you for having me, Anna. I want to share a brand new collection of holiday novellas coming up for release October 18/16. This set is comprised of twenty never-before-seen stories set around the theme of Christmas songs. …

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Sep 30

Viking Lore~Silver Spoons and Runes


Vikings weren’t uncouth barbarians. They used a sophisticated system of writing known as runes. Here is a picture of Viking runes. Can you spell your name? Here’s my attempt at the names of my h/h from The Rover Bold, Bryk and Cathryn. Some of the rune stones erected by Vikings can still be seen today …

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Sep 28

Get To Know Mary Lancaster


Where were you born, Mary? I was born in Glasgow, in south west Scotland. Interesting. My husband has roots in Glasgow. His mother was born in Bathgate. What do you like most about where you live now? It’s quiet and peaceful and two minutes walk from a beautiful beach! I’ve moved around the country a bit, studying …

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Sep 21

Welcome Back Rosemary Morris


It’s a pleasure to welcome Rosemary Morris back to my blog. Where were you born, Rosemary? In Kent, South East England. What do you like most about where you live now? The house is small and easy to take care of, and backs onto a green edged with woodland. What’s your favorite season? Spring when I …

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Sep 12

Tales of the Valkyries #FREE


I am excited to be one of a group of bestselling authors to bring you a FREE collection of Viking short stories. Here’s a bit more about the authors and their stories. Emma Prince has written a tale entitled  Aegir’s Daughter. Ulfarr believes only the sea can quench his thirst for adventure—until he meets the mysterious Bára, …

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