Nov 28

894th Anniversary of The White Ship Disaster

white ship

The year 1120 saw one of the most significant shipwrecks in English history; a tragedy that cost the lives of the flower of English nobility and would eventually plunge the nation into two decades of chaos and misrule – a period that has become known as The Anarchy. The heir to the throne of England …

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Nov 12

I Love Me Some Cowboys by Jane Leopold Quinn

Jane Leopold Quinn 150x150

Lovely to have Jane Leopold Quinn as my guest today. Good to be here, Anna. Westerns have always been my first love — from childhood to adulthood. I was in love with the TV and movie cowboys of the 50s and 60s and even had some cowboy comic books. If I had only saved them. …

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Nov 05

Regency Male Courtesans by Gina Danna


I’m pleased to welcome Gina Danna back to my blog. She’s a compatriot of the Love Historicals group I belong to. Her topic  of slavery is of particular interest to me as I’m just putting the finishing touches on The Rover Defiant, the love story of a freed Viking slave. Anna – Thanks for having me! After …

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Oct 29

Accidental Birth of a California Town by Kathryn Albright


Please welcome my guest, Kathryn Albright. I lived in San Diego for a few years and visited the town of Julian several times, but  never knew its history-until today. Thanks for having me here, Anna! It’s always a pleasure to talk about romance and history. People say “Everything happens for a reason.” I’m not sure …

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Oct 22

Women’s Education in the 19th Century by Caroline Warfield


I am pleased to welcome Caroline Warfield to my blog today. Her topic resonates with us still today. Good to be here, Anna. Malala Yousafzai won the world’s admiration—and a Nobel Prize—for the radical and courageous act of demanding education for girls. We in the West reacted in horror at the terrible attack on her …

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Oct 15

The Collapse of the Peace of Amiens  by Georgie Lee


I’m delighted to welcome Georgie Lee as my guest today. Great to be here, Anna. In March 1802, France and Britain signed the Treaty of Amiens, ending the war that had raged between the two countries since 1793. It was a time of great excitement for both France and England. English high society rushed to …

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