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The three King brothers own and operate a successful whisky distillery in the highlands of Scotland. Their search for a cash infusion leads them into unexpected adventures.

Tavish Seeks a Wealthy Bride high res.jpg

Aiming to reach a larger market, Tavish and his brothers need an infusion of cash for their whisky distillery in the Scottish Highlands. An elderly uncle suggests they seek brides with large dowries. The only place they’ll find such heiresses is London, where he has long-lost relatives. Tavish goes along with the idea, although his worst nightmare is the same kind of unhappy, loveless marriage his parents endured.

Piper Graham’s mother intends that her daughter marry the duke who has expressed interest in wooing her. Granddaughter of a Scot, Piper is enamored with all things Scottish and longs for passion in a relationship. She has no amorous feelings for the duke, who happens to be Tavish’s cousin but falls for Tavish the moment she sets eyes on him, much to the chagrin of her ambitious parent.

Piper is from a well-to-do family but marrying her won’t bring the family business the cash it requires, no matter that Tavish falls in love with her. Things become more complicated when the Prince Regent gets involved.

In order to fulfill his older brother’s dream of aging their whisky in sherry barrels, Payton King undertakes a perilous journey to war-torn Spain. He must outwit Napoleon’s troops and retrieve special barrels sent to Spain years before. His only hope of success lies in reliance on a band of Spanish partisans who are bravely determined to oust the French from their country.

Along with her father, Alba Castillero joins the guerrilla fighters after their sherry bodega is sacked and her mother murdered by French soldiers. She is drawn to Payton but knows he is promised to an Englishwoman back home.

Things become more complicated when Alba’s father begs Payton to take her to safety when he sails away from Spain.

Set in 1815, book three of the Highland Whisky Kings tells the tale of the youngest brother, Niven. He falls in love with the daughter of a duke, but her family is determined she will never marry a commoner. Willow and Niven’s plans to elope are thwarted by her brothers. Officers in the British Army, they kidnap Niven and take him to Flanders when they leave to fight in the campaign against Napoleon’s renewed ambitions to conquer Europe.

Rgency Dukes

The three Saxton sisters belong to a genteel, if impoverished family. They meet and fall in love with three very unsuitable dukes.

Unkissable Duke high res.jpg

In the early hours of the battle for Waterloo, Alexander Harcourt, Duke of Harrowby is pinned under a dying horse and badly injured. The accident has left him scarred, in constant pain and with a pronounced limp.

Eliza Saxton is an Englishwoman from a good family who has learned the benefits of Swedish massage and medical calisthenics in Sweden at the famous Gymnasium.

The friend who saved Alexander’s life after the accident sits on the board of the English hospital that rejected Eliza and her theories. Philip Fortescue, Marquess of Clavering, believes Eliza’s skills will help Alexander. However, the duke refuses her help, reluctant to let anyone touch his devastated face and body, especially a woman.

He changes his mind when his ill-mannered cousin trashes the idea of further treatment. Incidentally, Derrick Peploe is his heir if he fails to produce a son.

As Alexander and Eliza embark on a journey of healing, they learn that friendly fire killed his horse. The discovery of who fired the fatal shot could endanger both their lives.

Unforgivable Duke high res.jpg

Philip Fortescue, Marquess of Clavering is known as a hero of Waterloo. But he is also a dedicated physician working to eradicate smallpox. What people don’t know is that he is also a spy for the British Crown.

Jenny Saxton has been in love with Philip from the first moment they met. The feeling is mutual, but Philip dare not expose her to the dangers he faces in his mission to thwart an assassination attempt against the Prince Regent.

Complicating matters further is the adamant opposition of Philip’s parents to his marrying a commoner.

An old enemy resurfaces. Derrick Peploe has returned from exile in France, still determined to kill Philip’s lifelong friend, Alex, Duke of Harrowby. He sets his murderous sights on Philip when he learns the Marquess is working for Whitehall.

Readers who fell in love with these characters from Book One of the Undukes Series, will enjoy reconnecting with old friends.

Uncouth Duke high res.jpg

Warrick Farrell is the bastard of a duke declared legitimate and recognized as his heir by his repentant father. He has grown up in Hull’s dockland and lived off his wits to survive. Can he leave his past behind completely or will it rise up to threaten his new position and even his life?

Amelia Saxton has long aspired to be a governess. She leaves Yorkshire to educate the dockland orphans Warrick Farrell insists on taking with him to his new life. She has harbored secret longings for Warrick ever since she first met him (Book 2) and finds it awkward to tutor him as well as the orphans. When he inherits the dukedom of Beaufort, he needs tuition in the arts of conversation (especially with young women) and social etiquette. After all, he must impress if he wishes to marry well.

Regency Earls

Regency Earls

Earls are Wild


This Regency series unfolds in England
when the mad King George was deemed unfit to rule and his son took his place as Regent.

Get to know the members of the Earl of Farnworth’s family.


Emma, the widow who falls in love with her late husband’s successor—a former soldier she expected would be totally unsuited to his new role.


Susan, the bluestocking sister of the late earl who finds herself suddenly enamored with thoroughbred horses—and the man who breeds them.


And Patsy, daughter of the family, a spontaneous and unconventional girl who falls in love with a man who’s a stickler for rules. Help solve the mystery of a poisoning; rail with Susan against the inequities caused by the industrial revolution; and sympathize with Patsy when slow and steady turns out to be something she isn’t capable of.


Can a career soldier, an officer in the British Army with the humble surname of Smith, successfully run a prosperous earldom he unexpectedly inherits?

Gabriel makes his first mistake when he falls in love with his predecessor’s beautiful young widow, Lady Emma Crompton. He faces a second hurdle—he is slowly being poisoned with arsenic.

A double mystery unfolds when it comes to light Lady Emma’s deceased husband was also suffering from arsenic poisoning.

Is there a curse on the Earls of Farnworth or are there other forces at work that will rob Gabe and Emma of their chance to find true love?


A rogue and a crusading bluestocking.

It will never work.


Earl Griffith Halliwell is a rakehell with two passions—thoroughbred horse breeding and blondes. Lady Susan Crompton is a raven-haired, crusading bluestocking appalled by Halliwell’s neglect of his impoverished tenants. Griff thinks members of the fair sex are useful only as mistresses. Susan scorns all things masculine and resents the power men have over women. Sparks fly when they clash.

Slow and Steady Wins the Earl (3).jpg

Patsy Crompton, the Earl of Farnworth’s beloved stepdaughter, is now a young lady headed for her first London season. It will be a different life from the one she’s used to in the north of England. She’s looking forward to the experiences that are a rite of passage for debutantes. But she’s in no hurry to find a husband—until she waltzes with Nicolai Morgan-Lloyd, Earl of Ainsworth.

Nicolai has inherited his Russian mother’s coloring but none of her flamboyant personality. In fact, he’s known as a stickler for rules. If there’s one thing Patsy has never been good at, it’s following rules. He's an expert on fine art. She's a thoroughbred horse-racing aficionado.


Their unlikely friendship lands them in the clutches of a gang intent on stealing a priceless Russian artefact that once belonged to Catherine the Great.

Epic Medieval
Family Saga 

The Montbryce Legacy

GET INTIMATE WITH HISTORY! This epic series launches with William the Conqueror's invasion of England in 1066AD, and follows the dramatic rise of the Montbryce family.

Montbryce Legacy

The Montbryce Legacy is a 12-book series that follows successive generations of a noble family in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest.


The spectacular saga starts with three handsome brothers who all fight in the epic Battle of Hastings and then strive to build their lives in medieval England.


CONQUEST is the beginning of the epic Montbryce Legacy.


A War Hero …

Ram de Montbryce is an ambitious warrior who plays a pivotal role in helping  William the Conqueror triumph at the legendary Battle of Hastings.


A Sacrificial Pawn ...

Mabelle de Valtesse is an heiress-turned-refugee whose volatile father forfeits all his estates. At the very moment her inheritance is set to be restored, her exiled father negotiates a marriage of strategic importance.


Does love make a man weak?

Can a warrior who is greedy for glory find true love with a willful refugee brought to his bed in an arranged marriage?

Defiance (2).jpg

A Sensitive Young Warrior...

Hugh de Montbryce is haunted by the trauma of war. Still a virgin, the youngest member of the Montbryce family has given up on love---until he meets an abused Saxon woman who ignites his passion to fight for her freedom. 

A Worldly-Wise Older Brother...
Antoine de Montbryce must give up his philandering ways and surrender to true love--but the beautiful Sybilla happens to be the pregnant widow of the Conqueror's enemy. Saving the love of his life will force this celebrated war hero to push the boundaries of treason with an unforgiving king and thus jeopardize the legacy of the Montbryce family.

Redemption (3).jpg

A past built on a devastating lie...

Born in Scotland to a Saxon mother who fled the Norman invasion of England, Caedmon harbors a soul-consuming hatred for the Normans who killed the Saxon warrior he believed was his father. The devastating truth of his true heritage threatens to destroy him. Seeking redemption, he joins the First Crusade.

Battle lines blurred...

Trapped in a brutal climate of political and religious turmoil, Agneta Kirkthwaite is caught up in a cruel twist of fate. The massacre of her family and the destruction of her ancestral home is a crime tied to a band of marauding Scots which may include the love of her life.

Vengeance (4).jpg

A Tortured Irish Warrior...

Ronan MacLachlainn is an Irishman captured and maimed in a violent fight to save his hereditary lands from a usurper. He burns for vengeance, but his only hope for redemption lies with the enemy, a celebrated Norman lord named Ram de Montbryce.


A Forbidden Alliance...

Sparks fly when Ronan meets the spoiled daughter of the only man who can help him. Rhoni de Montbryce proves to be so much more than she first seems. 


An Epic Love Crosses Enemy Lines...

A dangerous romance blossoms between the feisty adventuress and the wounded hero. Can a wee bit of Irish magic and a touch of the paranormal overcome devastating losses to illuminate the dark corners of a vengeful heart?

Birthright (5).jpg

Half-brothers with unique differences...

Cruelly ridiculed as a deaf giant and a grotesque dwarf, Adam de Montbryce and his half-brother, Denis de Sancerre, are beleaguered knights who have forged an unbreakable bond in a ruthless world that scorns their physical impairments.


Beauty Seen by Open Hearts...

Two shunned sisters locked away in shame by their evil mother discover that true love is possible when a twist of fate demands a special kind of chivalrous rescue.

Can misunderstood outcasts learn to trust Destiny when true love is at stake?

Star Crossed (6).jpg

Forbidden Love...

Doomed to heartbreak, Dorianne de Giroux is callously whisked away to live the harsh life of an imprisoned nun as her punishment for falling in love with the son of her father’s enemy.

Two Powerful Families At War...

An age-old vendetta threatens to erupt into bloodshed when Robert de Montbryce vows to protect the love of his life. In a valiant decision to risk everything—including the lives of his beloved family—Robert sets out to rescue Dorianne and claim her as his bride.

Allegiance (7).jpg

Patriotic Warriors...

Rhys ap Rhodri believes diplomacy is the only way for the Welsh to survive the Norman invasion; his twin brothers have sworn to resist the invaders to the death. Circumstances force Rhys to sacrifice himself for his brothers but, perhaps, that’s part of his plan.


Women with challenges of their own...

A foreigner who believes the Welsh are barbarians; twin sisters with healing skills who must cope with a deadly plague and its tragic aftermath. Can love give these women the strength and courage to help their conflicted heroes forge a lasting peace?

Crescendo (8).jpg

Can true love and the power of the Montbryce Legacy heal the broken dreams of the legendary family’s next warrior?

Physical strength is not enough to prevail.

Izzy de Montbryce is determined to defend lands he unexpectedly inherits, but wielding the traditional sword becomes impossible when a strange ailment cripples his hands.

Miles away, a gifted healer holds the mysterious key to Izzy’s future and his heart.

Held captive by the Moors for her ties to Spanish royalty, Farah has learned the extraordinary art of sword dancing with a shamshir.  She holds the astonishing answers that will help Izzy become the man he was meant to be, but first the Montbryce hero must overcome tremendous obstacles to save the one destined to save him.

Will love and honor triumph over power and prestige?

Infidelity (9).jpg

When sacred trust is shattered, can the promise of the Montbryce Legacy ever be restored?

The future is bleak for one brokenhearted young widower.

Brutally betrayed by his late first wife, Gallien de Montbryce is so devastated by the shocking truth of infidelity that his hair turns white and he vows never to give his heart to any woman ever again.

But the duty to remarry and provide a Montbryce heir must be kept.

Peridotte is the virgin bride who could give Gallien a son, but the arranged marriage between the two is riddled with trouble. In the turbulent times following the White Ship disaster of 1120, intrigue from outside forces and enemies from the past could cost Peridotte her life.

Can two faithful hearts overcome the pain and disappointment of the bitter past?

Jeopardy (10).jpg

Will the dark side of the Montbryce Legacy jeopardize the throne of England? 

It’s a time of anarchy.

Haunted by memories of a troubled past, Alexandre de Montbryce is an influential Norman nobleman who must choose which royal ruler to support. He becomes part of a diplomatic standoff when he accepts two children as good faith hostages

Three lives used as bargaining chips in war.

Elayne is a Scottish noblewoman masquerading as the nursemaid of her own children sent to Normandy by King David of Scotland as good faith hostages. Neither she nor her little ones are who they purport to be and only lies can keep them alive.

Is Elayne’s secret safe with the Montbryce nobleman whose love could save them all? 

Forbidden (11).jpg

Will the past come back to haunt the Montbryce family?

The Roman Catholic Church's archaic rules about consanguinity in marriage put hearts in jeopardy when Swan FitzRam and Rodrick de Montbryce fall in love and learn that they share a forbidden connection to a common ancestor from four generations in the past.

Every part of the future is at stake.Amid the turmoil of civil strife and anarchy as King Stephen and Prince Henry Plantagenet fight for the throne of England, it seems Rodrick must choose to abandon the woman he loves or forfeit his earldom.

It seems only an appeal to the Pope himself in Rome will change the course of destiny.

Finale (12).jpg

Will the murder that shook the Middle Ages be the end of the Montbryce Legacy?

A new era is underway as power slips from the grasp of Norman kings. The prominent archbishop Thomas Becket has been targeted by a band of assassins who believe that they are ordained to carry out the wishes of King Henry.

Two strangers discover the deadly plot that pits old friends against each other in a classic Crown-versus-Church conspiracy.

Sir Barr de Montbryce strives to change the course of history by joining forces with the one woman who holds the key to both treachery and his heart.  Hollis de Moreville suspects that her brother is plotting to murder Thomas Becket in the Canterbury Cathedral. She trusts Barr Montbryce with her secret and prays that he will become more than just an ally.

If this is the end of an epic legacy, is there a chance for a new dynasty to emerge?

Wrong Side of the Blanket

FitzRam Family Dynasty

GET INTIMATE WITH HISTORY! This epic series follows the children of the illegitimate son of the Montbryce family.



The FitzRam Family Dynasty series is a steamy three-book series that connects to the epic Montbryce Legacy series by revealing a secret family tie. 

Born on the wrong side of the blanket, Caedmon FitzRam discovers he is the illegitimate son of a war hero who is a member of the powerful Montbryce family. Although the cards are stacked against him at birth, Caedmon finds a way to establish a powerful medieval dynasty of his own.


In Book One, you’ll meet his daughter, Blythe who finds herself in Cologne, coping with the intrigues of the Holy Roman Empire.


In Book Two, Blythe’s twin, Aidan endures the austerity of Lindisfarne Abbey until he realizes he’s in love with his Scottish heroine, Nolana.


In Book Three, the youngest child, Ragna finds herself shipwrecked in Denmark. The Viking culture is very different from her own English upbringing, and she’s never been one to embrace change.

The Black Knight's Captive (1).jpg

He kidnapped the wrong woman...

Dieter Von Wolfenberg burns to rid his homeland of the tyrannical Holy Roman Emperor. A plot to kidnap the emperor’s wife goes awry and her English lady in waiting is carried away instead.

She stole his heart...

When the daughter of King Henry I is betrothed to the Holy Roman Emperor, Blythe FitzRam is forced to travel to the foreign court to serve her mistress.  Isolated and disdainful of all things German, she is nevertheless drawn to her captor.

Love's Sweet Sting (2).jpg

Bound by guilt…

Aidan FitzRam joins the monastic community at Lindisfarne to atone for what he perceives as his role in his parents' drowning. But he quickly realizes he cannot ignore the plight of Nolana Kincade, a Highland lass who is fleeing an abusive stepfather.


Freed by love...

Their growing attraction to each other bears out the reality his sister has always maintained—he's just not cut out for religious life

Wild Viking Princess (3).jpg

No man could tame her…

Ragna is the wilful daughter of the family, known as the Wild Viking Princess. Shipwrecked on a Danish island during a voyage to visit her sister in Germany, she is disdainful of local customs.


Except perhaps a real Viking...

Ryder must avenge the murder of his father and regain the throne of Strand stolen by his stepbrother. He cannot afford to cater to a haughty foreign woman, no matter if she draws him like a lodestone.

The Lighter Side of Clan Feuding

Clash of the Tartans



Kilty Secrets: As the chief's second son, Ewan MacKinloch resents being offered up as the sacrificial lamb in a marriage arranged to end a 300-year feud with the MacCarrons.

Kilted at the Altar: Darroch MacKeegan vows revenge when his intended bride, Isabel MacRain, fails to show up for a marriage arranged to settle the long feud between their clans.

Kilty Pleasures: Broderick Maxwell is drawn to Kyla MacKeegan from their first inauspicious meeting. But a union between a Highlander and a Lowlander would never work.

Kilty Party: Secret tunnels, benign ghosts, and ruined castles—the ingredients of a mystery. Right? Except, Kilty Party is a romantic comedy.

Kilts in the Wind: An amusing and heartwarming tale of mistaken identity, a derelict windmill, and a wee lad who eats like a horse.

Kilts Ahoy!: Sworn enemies, Clan MacCray and Clan Robson live within sight of each other on a clifftop in Caithness. Marshall Robson proposes to end the feud by suggesting a marriage between his elder brother and the daughter of the enemy clan—but then he meets her.

Kilty Secrets (1).jpg

Highlander adventure. Highlander Romance. Kilty secrets abound in this romantic comedy!

As the chief's second son, Ewan MacKinloch resents being offered up as the sacrificial lamb in a marriage arranged to end a 300-year feud with the MacCarrons.

Ewan trades places with a one-armed clansman in the hopes Shona MacCarron will refuse to go through with the wedding, but unbeknownst to him, Shona, too, has traded places with an aunt known as Lady Lazy-Eye so she can avoid the marraige arranged after the recent death of her father.

Confusion reigns when alchemy draws them to each other and they risk aiding the cause of factions ambitious to usurp the hereditary MacCarron chieftaincy.

Will each discover the other's KILTY SECRETS?

Kilted at the Altar (2).jpg

A rip-roaring comedic romance set in the Highlands of Scotland, part of the bestselling "Clash of the Tartans" series!

Who jilted whom?
Darroch MacKeegan vows revenge when his intended bride, Isabel MacRain, fails to show up for a marriage arranged to settle the long feud between their clans.

Isabel’s father lays waste to MacKeegan lands in retaliation for Darroch jilting his daughter.

Who stands to gain from the mix-up?
Perhaps a blue dog and a wee lass who never speaks can help solve the mystery and reconcile two people who were always meant to be together.

Kilty Pleasures (3).jpg

When his father is executed for assassinating the laird of another Lowland clan, Broderick Maxwell is unexpectedly thrust into responsibility for patrolling the waters of the Solway. He strives to resurrect his clan’s reputation at a time when change is sweeping over Scotland.
He must also take responsibility for raising his 11-year-old sister.

Kyla MacKeegan is the daughter of a powerful Highland chieftain, and an accomplished sea captain who has plied the waters of the Hebridean Sea since childhood. Broderick is drawn to her from their first inauspicious meeting. But a union between a Highlander and a Lowlander would never work, especially after Broderick sinks the MacKeegan galley.


Can a romance survive a sunken galley and age-old feud?

Kilty Party (4).jpg

Celebrate Hogmanay in true Scottish style with this heartwarming Highlander romance.

Secret tunnels, benign ghosts, and ruined castles—the ingredients of a mystery. Right? Except Kilty Party is a romantic comedy. Shaw Drummond and Caitlin Blair balk at King William’s command they marry to end an age-old feud between the two neighboring clans.

As luck would have it, they unexpectedly fall in love at first sight, but other family members seem determined to thwart their union—particularly Shaw’s bossy sister and Caitlin’s older brother. However, defying a king comes with consequences and royal dragoons eventually arrive to confiscate both castles in the name of the crown.

When Caitlin mysteriously disappears without a trace, accusations of shenanigans fly from all sides.

Kilts in the Wind (5).jpg

Are the answers blowing in the wind?

An amusing and heartwarming tale of mistaken identity, a derelict windmill, and a wee lad who eats like a horse.

In order to get the hated Lockies to agree to refurbish the derelict windmill that sits on the border between their lands, Spenser McDool must wed Jane, the Lockie laird’s daughter. The successful processing of a bumper harvest depends on it. He’s never met Jane (or so he believes) but has fallen hard for a scullery maid named Jennie who visits the mill.

Jane disguises herself as a servant when she escapes the cruel tyranny of her stepmother for a short while. She is unaware the man she meets at the mill and falls in love with is the laird of the hated McDool Clan.

Kilts Ahoy! (6).jpg

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.

Sworn enemies, Clan MacCray and Clan Robson live within sight of each other on a clifftop in Caithness. Denied access to the only port for miles around by the MacCrays, Marshall Robson proposes to end the feud by suggesting a marriage between his elder brother and the daughter of the enemy clan—but then he meets her.

Teagan MacCray has saltwater in her blood and dreams of an adventurous life on the seas with the man who has stolen her heart, Marshall Robson. But her fate is to marry the laird of Clan Robson if the feud is to end.

When an old journal sheds light on a vile act that could change the Robson hierarchy, Marshall must choose between loyalty and the woman he loves more than life.

Montbryce Dynasty

Medieval Romance series

The Montbryce Dynasty

This epic series follows the powerful  Montbryce family into a new era as subjects of the French king. 

A new era dawns for the people of Normandy when Philip of France defeats King John and becomes their king.


Becket de Montbryce is fated to be the first of his line to inherit the family’s lands and titles as a Frenchman. Having escaped the French army in the guise of a nun, Marguerite d’Aigremont must find a way to get back to her native England—without Becket discovering she is King John’s cousin.

Becket’s brother, Roland, falls in love with a woman he’s never met. His determination to prove it’s possible might cost him his life.

Adrien is the third son of the family and thus neither the heir nor the spare. Slated to inherit no lands or titles, he leaves Normandy and becomes a spy working with English barons to weaken King John’s power. He’s drawn to Marissa d’Ascq but is she friend or foe?

Terric de Quincey, a favorite Montbryce cousin, is determined to reclaim the ancestral home confiscated by King John. Drawn to the woman who now lives in the house, he discovers revenge isn't always sweet.

Becket (1).jpg

Change is in the wind.
The French have ousted King John from Normandy by capturing Château Gaillard after a long siege. The duchy, independent since the time of Rollo, is now part of France. Becket de Montbryce is fated to be the first of his line to inherit the family’s lands and titles as a Frenchman. Ironically, he was in command of the Norman troops who fought alongside the French.


A dangerous secret.
Having escaped the besieged castle in the guise of a nun, Marguerite d’Aigremont must find a way to get back to her native England—without anyone discovering she is King John’s cousin. She despises the Normans who sided with their age-old enemy to bring about king John’s ouster as Duke of Normandy. But she is dependent on Becket if she’s to have any hope of returning to England. Despite their differences, Becket and Marguerite are drawn to each other.


Will the Montbryce Dynasty survive intact when King Philip of France discovers the family has aided King John’s cousin?

Roland (2).jpg


Freed from the tyranny of King John, the Norman Montbryces must do what they can to aid English cousins caught in John’s cruel grip.


The heart knows.

Roland de Montbryce has never met Adelina de Quincey, yet he feels inexorably drawn to his distant cousin, a woman forced into a betrothal to an elderly man. His heart tells him she is his soul mate. Risking his life by sailing to King John’s England to rescue her might be considered foolhardy, especially by those who know Roland as the carefree, philandering second son.


A woman alone.

Believing her only brother, her one champion, has died in battle, Adelina entertains thoughts of ending her life rather than submitting to a cruel man who has already buried three wives.


Can a man fall in love with a woman he has never met? And, if Roland succeeds in saving Adelina before the fateful marriage takes place, will she feel the same about him?

ADRIEN high res.jpg



Adrien thought be could outwit King John...


The third son returns to Montbryce after an absence of eight years. He’s been in England, masquerading as a de Quincey and trying to infiltrate King John’s inner circle. Sent by John as an emissary to a council of war in Flanders, he is unmasked as a spy.



As if that isn't bad enough, he finds himself trapped into marriage and forced to flee with his unwanted bride.


Her last hope

Marissa d’Ascq sees marriage to Adrien as her last hope of escaping her mother’s cruel tyranny. Little does she know the dangers she and Adrien will face in their flight.

terric high res.jpg

Terric de Quincey burns to reclaim his ancestral home confiscated by King John.

Terric returns to England to fight on behalf of Prince Louis of France, invited to England by the barons waging war on the king. 

He encounters his cousin William, Earl of Ellesmere, a baron caught in the middle of the civil strife but unwilling to commit to a French prince on the  throne of England.

They discover a family with twin daughters living in the house both men want to see restored to the rightful family.


Claire and Lorraine de Ferrers have been obliged by King John to move from the Midlands to occupy a house on the south coast. Lorraine loves the house. Claire hates living on a windblown clifftop. They are drawn to the two men who arrive purporting to be agents of the king, not suspecting Terric is the rightful owner of the property and William his cousin.

Highlander Adventures

The House of Pendray 

GET INTIMATE WITH HISTORY! Follow the lives and loves of successive generations of a noble Scottish family. 


The House of Pendray series chronicles the adventures of successive generations of a noble Scottish family.


Hannah rescues the Scottish Crown Jewels from under Oliver Cromwell’s nose.


Her son, Munro, as staunch a Royalist as his mother, falls in love with the illegitimate daughter of a man who signed the death warrant of King Charles.


His sister Jewel unwittingly becomes embroiled in the bloody religious conflict between Protestant and Catholic.


Their brother, Grey infiltrates enemy ranks in order to foil Argyll’s Rising.


In book 5, Grey’s son, Ambrose, a newly qualified surgeon, finds himself unexpectedly treating a fugitive rebel wounded in the bloody Jacobite rising of 1715.

Highland Betrayal (1).jpg

A Career Soldier

Captain Morgan Pendray is a Welshman serving in Oliver Cromwell’s English army sent to invade Scotland.

A Royalist Spy

As if Morgan’s life isn’t complicated enough by conflicting loyalties, he is drawn to Hannah Kincaid, a Royalist spy he suspects has spirited away the Scottish Crown Jewels from under Cromwell’s nose.

Is their relationship a cat-and-mouse game that will end with each betraying the other?

Kingslayer's Daughter high res.jpg

There are no secrets that time does not reveal.


A Sordid Past

Sarah is the illegitimate daughter of a man who signed the death warrant of Charles I, a secret she must keep from the Scot she is unexpectedly drawn to.


A Staunch Royalist

Munro is a member of a staunchly royalist family. He is determined to discover why Sarah refuses to acknowledge the alchemy between them. Once revealed, will the secret destroy them?

Highland Jewel (3).jpg


The escaped assassins who kidnap Jewel Pendray must never find out her father was responsible for their capture.

Falsely Accused

Having recently eluded execution in Holland for a crime he didn’t commit, Garnet Barclay seeks to avoid trouble at a time of religious turmoil in Scotland.


However, how’s a man named Garnet supposed to ignore the plight of a woman named Jewel?

Highland Rising (4).jpg

A Spy

Gray Pendray has spied for the Scottish Privy Council for three years. When the Earl of Argyll foments an uprising against the king, Gray returns home to infiltrate the rebel army.


An Innocent LassFostered into the Pendray family, Faith Cameron has longed for Gray’s return.

Can they triumph over the divisions between them?

Gray is immediately drawn to Faith—but he has made commitments to the daughter of his mentor in Edinburgh. Can love find a way to triumph over the dangers and betrayals of a rebellion?

Highland Swan (5).jpg

A reluctant surgeon

Doctor Ambrose Pendray finds himself agreeing to travel into the Highlands to treat wounded Jacobite rebels. He ends up having to amputate the arm of a rebel betrothed to Eala Calhoun, a woman he is instantly attracted to.

Divided loyalties

Eala (Gaelic for Swan) has been forced into the betrothal. Ambrose draws her like a lodestone, but his honor demands he do everything he can to save his patient’s life, though it means losing the woman he loves.

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Viking Roots

GET INTIMATE WITH HISTORY! The Viking Roots series traces the earliest ancestors of the Montbryce family in Normandy.


Meet the courageous Vikings who left Norway in search of a new life in Francia.


Bryk Kriger fights alongside the legendary Rollo to gain land concessions from the Franks; Bryk’s nephew, Torstein is a freed slave, but the Viking nobility will never forgive or forget his beginnings as a thrall;


Bryk’s son, Magnus must fight to defend the fertile lands hard won from the Franks.


These are the stories of the brave Viking ancestors of my beloved Montbryces

Viking Bold (1).jpg

He came to lay claim to land…

Bryk is a Viking nobleman who has turned his back on murder and mayhem to become a farmer, but he follows the intrepid Rollo to Francia in a quest for a better life.


She laid claim to his heart.

Cathryn is named for the convent in Rouen where she was left as a foundling at birth. Like all Franks, she is terrified the Vikings might return some day, but finds herself drawn to the Norseman who rescues her from an abuser.

Viking Defiant (2).jpg

Once a slave…

Freedom is the reward for Torstein's bravery, but the Viking nobility will never forgive or forget he was once a slave.

The high-born woman he loves has too much pride to give herself to a former thrall, though she can never love another.

Viking Betrayed (3).jpg

Heir to Bryk’s hard-won lands and titles, a recently widowed Magnus is obliged to leave his young daughters to join the fight against Flemish incursions into Norman territory. He captures Judith, a Flemish noblewoman and soon loses his heart. But she is the sister of his sworn enemy.


Can he trust her not to betray him and his country?

Knights of the Holy Roman Empire

Von Wolfenberg Dynasty

GET INTIMATE WITH HISTORY! The three books of this series follow the children of Dieter and Blythe from The Black Knight’s Captive

Von Wolfenberg

If you’re curious about the characters you met in The FitzRam Dynasty, you’ll enjoy getting to know Blythe and Dieter’s three children.


Sophia falls in love with a guest at her brother’s wedding, but he is an envoy sent by her father’s enemies.


Lute is the carefree middle son of the family with no responsibilities, but no prospects either.


Obliged to fight in the army of the Holy Roman Emperor in a foreign war, he finds himself drawn to Francesca di Cammarata, niece of the Emperor's arch enemy.

Destined from childhood to follow his vocation to become a priest, Konrad has lost his faith and no longer believes in God. It’s a precarious predicament in a medieval world dominated by the Church.

Loyal Heart (1).jpg

An impossible choice…love or family loyalty.

Sophia falls in love with a guest at her brother’s wedding, but he is an envoy sent by her father’s enemies. 

Brandt intends to return home as soon as his unwelcome obligation to attend the wedding is fulfilled. It quickly becomes apparent he’ll be lucky to leave the celebrations alive.

Courageous Heart (2).jpg

Lute von Wolfenberg is the carefree middle son of the family. Obliged to fight in the army of the Holy Roman Emperor in a foreign war, he struggles to hold on to his optimism amid the atrocities of the campaign. He is drawn to Francesca di Cammarata, niece of the emperor’s arch enemy, Roger of Sicily.

She is an arrogant and spoiled princess whose duty lies in thwarting the imperial troops, but she cannot deny her feelings for Lute.

The conflict will test their loyalty to country and family.

Courageous Heart (3).jpg

Destined from childhood to follow his vocation to become a priest, Konrad has lost his faith and no longer believes in God. It’s a precarious predicament in a medieval world dominated by the Church. Disillusioned by war, he wanders Europe in search of himself. Seeking redemption through a crusade against slavery, he becomes a pirate with the goal of seizing ships that carry human cargo.

Zara is a successful woman of commerce, mistress of a Venetian fleet.  Konrad is drawn to her, but her vessels often transport slaves.  She will stop at nothing to protect her beloved ships.

Time Travel

Caledonia Chronicles

GET INTIMATE WITH HISTORY! Travel through time with medieval Highlanders.


Time travel enthusiasts and lovers of medieval Highland romance will enjoy this four-book series.


Margaret Ogilvie is saved from the executioner’s axe by a visitor from the future—a brother who died months before she was falsely accused of conspiracy to assassinate a king.


After drowning, brothers Braden and Callum find themselves transported to the future, one as a Jacobite imprisoned after Culloden, the other embroiled in the intrigues swirling around Mary, Queen of Scots.


Striving to extricate Scotland from the Wars of the Roses and themselves from a royal command to wed Sassenachs, twins Blair and Craig didn’t believe time travel was possible—until they met an uncle who drowned thirty years before.

ccboxset full high res_edited.jpg
Pride of the Clan (1).jpg

Catastrophe changes Margaret Ogilvie’s life when her three older brothers drown. She undertakes a perilous journey across the Scottish Highlands seeking the protection of the man she was betrothed to as a child; a nobleman she hasn’t seen for eight years. Shocked to discover his role in the assassination of a king has implicated her in his plot to take the throne, she finds herself in dire need of a champion.

Rheade Robertson is duty bound to aid his older brother, the clan chieftain, in his sworn quest to capture the assassins of King James Stewart. Protecting Margaret from persecution will mean defying his brother. Can he bring the murderers to justice and save an innocent woman from the executioner’s axe? Or will family rivalry and a vengeful queen destroy his hopes for a future with the courageous lass he loves?

Highland Tides (2).jpg

Charlotte Tremayne is an independent eighteenth-century woman, a clandestine novelist, creator of a famous adventure hero. She has little sympathy for the defeated Jacobites who languish in her uncle’s cells after Culloden, but her interest is piqued by tales of a prisoner who claims to be from the fifteenth century. His far-fetched story might provide material for her next novel.


Braden Ogilvie drowns in 1436 and wakes up in a jail cell accused of Jacobite sympathies. He comes to realize he has been transported more than three hundred years into the future. Drawn to the woman who eventually believes his story, he must nevertheless return to his own time to establish the innocence of his sister accused of a crime she didn’t commit. If he leaves, will he ever find his way back to Charlotte?

Highland Dawn (3).jpg

Loyalty, honor, and obligation dictate Keith Starkey’s return to his Highland wife and their loveless marriage. He must leave behind a shy English lass who nursed him back to health after he was gravely wounded and left for dead at the battle of Towton.

Daughter of a murderous traitor, Aurora de Vennes is abandoned by her domineering father when he switches his allegiance to the Yorkists.

She needs a champion, but Keith cannot be that man, despite his attraction to her.

The convent offers Aurora’s only escape from the desolation of a broken heart and the threat of vengeance from the Lancastrians for her father’s treachery.

It seems unlikely these two mismatched souls will find the path to happiness—unless fate intervenes.

Roses Among the Heather (4).jpg

The Robertson saga continues…

Blair Robertson didn’t believe in love at first sight, until he met Susanna. But fate had destined her for his twin.

Susanna, a staunch Lancastrian, seethes with resentment that the victorious Yorkist king has betrothed her to Craig Robertson. He’s a Scot and her first husband was slain by Scots at the disastrous Battle of Towton. Not only that, she’s drawn to his twin, a man betrothed to a hated Yorkist.

Neither Blair nor Craig believed in time-travel until they came face to face with an uncle who supposedly drowned thirty years before.

The long struggle to extricate the Scots from the Wars of the Roses provides the historical backdrop for this adventure.

Stand alones



the pirate rogue high res.jpg

Spanish pirates take to the high seas in this passionate and powerful adventure!

Capitán Santiago Velázquez falls foul of the Spanish Inquisition after a disgruntled lover falsely accuses him of perverse tendencies. Forced to flee to the Americas, he follows in the footsteps of his pirate ancestor, and plunders ships the length and breadth of the Spanish Main. Captured by the Spanish governor of Florida in the last days of the Seven Years War with the British, he agrees to attack Royal Navy vessels under the aegis of Letters of Marque. In exchange, he secures a pardon for himself and his crew.

Valentina Melchor is trapped in St. Augustine with her father, the governor, when Florida is ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris. The turmoil caused by the end of the war is Santiago’s opportunity to flee, but he risks his life and his ship to rescue Valentina, despite his resolve to never trust a woman again.

Can a rogue of the sea finally find his happily ever after?

The Taking of Ireland.jpg

Long ago, in a time of myth, a prince sailed from Galicia to Inisfail seeking revenge for the murder of his uncle by the High King…

Sibrán expects to encounter an opposing army but instead is greeted by a beautiful woman who appears to be accompanied only by her faithful wolfhound. Aislinn bids him welcome, but he suspects she is a sorceress sent to kill him by the very king he plans to slay.

As they journey to the Fort of Kings, events prove that Aislinn does indeed possess powers beyond those of an ordinary human, yet he cannot deny he is inexorably drawn to her. He believes Destiny has brought him to Inisfail, but can he persuade Aislinn that she too is destined to play a role in the establishment of a new kingdom? Or will she remain forever the slave of the tyrant Moqorr who claims to be King of the Otherworld as well as Inisfail?

Perhaps they are all under the evil king’s spell.


In the 19th century many a younger son left Scotland in search of the wealth and advancement offered by the fur trade in the untamed wilds of Western North America.


Inspired by the intrepid adventures of Simon Fraser and Alexander Mckenzie, they endured harsh winters and primitive conditions.

Rendezvous is the story of one such adventurer, Ian Donaldson, a Highlander fortunate enough to secure a position with the North West Company. Adapting to his new life in the Company' s trading post at Fort William on Lake Superior, he meets and falls in love with Nindaanis, a Métis woman with an illegitimate child.


When the baby's voyageur father returns for the annual Great Rendezvous, and clearly wants to continue his abuse of Nindaanis, Ian defies convention and fights for the woman he loves.

The Hellraiser and The Spy.jpg

It's 1944.

He’s a Canadian soldier who doesn’t believe in obeying orders but his bravery in battle during World War Two earns him his country’s highest military honor. 

She’s a spy parachuted into France to work with the Resistance.


A world war isn’t the time to fall in love.




These quick reads are perfect to devour in a single sitting. Enjoy!

Thrill of Hope high res.jpg

“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices…”

Foiling an attempt to assassinate Queen Victoria earns Parker a medal and royal gratitude. The lunatic’s bayonet plunged into his thigh leaves him with a pronounced limp and reassignment to a small constabulary. Particularly trying is having to spend Christmas Day with his miserly uncle.

During her family’s Yuletide celebrations, Samantha discovers she doesn’t love her straitlaced fiancé. A bleak future looms large.

Neither realize that anarchists are plotting to blow up a newly-constructed railway bridge—although Parker might if he’d heed the mysterious warning voices he hears.

A tale of the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Knightly Dreams.jpg

Peter Bateson is an accomplished graduate student whose doctoral thesis proves conclusively that the Templar treasure no longer exists. (Sorry Dan Brown). His well-researched theories and his comfortable lifestyle are challenged when he meets Susie, a university drop out who insists the treasure still exists because the Templar Knight who visits her dreams told her so.

To Rescue a Highland Rebel.jpg

Kenzie will go to any lengths to rescue her beloved Teague from the Tower of London. He is sentenced to be executed for his role in a Scottish rebellion, and few have escaped the mighty fortress prison. Her daring plan might send them both to the chopping block.


An intrepid Caribbean pirate hunted by international navies is marooned on a deserted island with a resentful Danish widow he has taken captive.


Maximiliano and Heidi seemingly have nothing in common, except the long-held desire to start life afresh.


Is their fate a blessing in disguise?

Maknab's Revenge.jpg

A medieval romance novella from bestselling author, Anna Markland.


Ingram Maknab plans to avenge past wrongs by ruining the reputation of Gray Buchan's daughter, Ruby. She unwittingly plays into his hands.


But revenge is rarely sweet and Ingram hasn't counted on losing his heart.

Passion's Fire.jpg

The stone’s legacy is inescapable. Those who inherit will be consumed by fire.

Matthew de Rowenne thirsts to rise in the ranks of Norman nobility, but King Henry II seems intent on sending him to quell a rebellion in Scotland and commands he marry a Scottish noblewoman as a means to peace. But Matthew is cursed with a dreadful legacy and can never marry.

Brigandine Lordsmith has masqueraded as a boy for as long as she can remember, obliged to work as her father’s apprentice in the armory forge. She is drawn to the handsome Norman soldier who arrives in her homeland to impose English rule, but it’s unlikely he’ll be interested in the daughter of a tradesman.

Sparks fly when Brig’s true identity is revealed.

The Viking's Gift.jpg

Go back in time and immerse yourself in this beautiful holiday novella by one of your favorite authors.

The setting of The Viking’s Gift is based on historical fact.

King Harthacanute ordered the destruction of the prosperous market town of Worcester and the slaughter of all its inhabitants in retaliation for the murder of two tax collectors. It’s also documented that Earl Leofric reluctantly obeyed and destroyed the town, but that few lost their lives.
This tale is a fictional account of how that came about thanks to the intervention of one of the king’s Viking messengers who fell in love with a girl he met on her way to Worcester’s market.
Enjoy this enchanting love story!

Hungry Like De Wolfe.jpg

Two great medieval dynasties come together in this novella set in London in 2006— Le Veque’s De Wolfe Pack and Markland’s Montbryce~FitzRam family. The world will never be the same.


Blaise de Wolfe risks losing De Wolfe Hall unless he can prove his pure Norman ancestry and be eligible for a substantial renovation grant from the "Sons of the Conquest", an exclusive club.


He turns to family tree researcher Anne Smith, unaware of her Norman roots and consequent disdain for the male-only policies of the club. Sparks fly between them when she digs up some unexpected information about Blaise's medieval ancestor, Gaetan de Wolfe.


A handful of bluebells picked from a meadow by childhood sweethearts becomes a symbol and eventually an acknowledgement of a love long denied.

Audra longs to leave behind the life of an elite mercenary.
A journey to the court of King Canute offers a new life, though she fears few men will want her once her history is known.

The bloody feud that precipitated her father’s banishment resurfaces when she is unexpectedly reunited with a childhood sweetheart. Sigmar has always held her heart, but he is the son of her father’s enemy.

Can Audra and Sigmar lay the hatreds of the past to rest, or will the Viking code of vengeance triumph?


Dervenn de Roure is a celebrated hero of the Battle of Hastings, the same conflict that left Victorine de Toeni orphaned and facing poverty when her father’s wealth is inherited by a distant male cousin. She must marry to survive. Dervenn's scarred face bears testimony to his sacrifice, but the haughty Victorine cannot overlook that he is a Breton, not a Norman. As Yuletide celebrations progress, it might take the scheming of an unlikely matchmaker like William the Conqueror to make her see Dervenn is the man she needs.



Ruff Wooing

Follow the lives and loves of a family of renowned goldsmiths during the reign of Elizabeth Tudor. 

But the Hawkes aren't just goldsmiths. They are informants for the Crown, determined to thwart the numerous plots to assassinate Elizabeth and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots.

Ruffled Feathers 2024 high res copy.jpg

Dominic Hawke is a proud member of a well-respected family of London goldsmiths. Like many goldsmiths, they also carry on a lucrative banking business.


Spain plots to invade England, assassinate her queen and install the Catholic Mary of Scotland on the throne. Determined to protect his country from Spanish interference, Dominic is also an informant for Elizabeth Tudor’s Spymaster.


When the Pope’s Venetian emissary deposits the funds to finance a Spanish invasion with the Hawkes, events are set in motion that will likely result in the Venetian’s execution.


Things go awry when Dominic meets and falls in love with the emissary’s daughter. Even if she isn’t involved in her father’s plot, the innocent often do not escape torture and execution.


Unaware of her father’s treasonous activities, Luisa cannot understand her craving for a London goldsmith who lives in a cramped apartment above his shop. Venetian noblewomen are destined to marry wealthy Venetian men. She begins to suspect Dominic is somehow involved in her father’s affairs.


Both their lives are at risk in the deadly game of intrigue orchestrated by the Queen’s notorious Spymaster, Francis Walsingham.

ruff justice 2024 high res copy.jpg

Like his father and brother before him, Julian Hawke is a well-respected London goldsmith—and an informant for Elizabeth Tudor’s Spymaster. But he craves the challenge of a more significant role in espionage. As part of a plan to trap the imprisoned Mary of Scotland in treasonous activities, he is sent to France as a double agent. His mission is to deliver false documents to the exiled Thomas Morcant, one of the Scottish queen’s stalwart supporters and a suspect in the attempted murder of Julian’s brother.

Things go awry in Paris when Julian meets Morcant’s sister. He is drawn to her but assumes she has come to France as a courier for Mary.


Lydia Morcant has traveled to Paris in a last-ditch effort to dissuade her older brother from involvement in the plot to put the Scottish queen on the English throne. She finds herself falling for Julian Hawke but, when she discovers he has met with her brother, fears he must be a courier for the traitors plotting Elizabeth’s overthrow.


Untangling the web of intrigue in which they are mired could implicate them both in the deadly plot to assassinate Elizabeth Tudor and lead to arrest and execution.

diamond in the ruff 2024 high res  copy.jpg

Benedict Hawke, son of Dominic and Luisa from Book One, comes of age and feels the need to branch out from his father’s goldsmithing enterprise. He has acquired the skills to operate a successful business on his own, but he lives in challenging times. The Bubonic Plague rages in the parishes outside London, Queen Elizabeth’s popularity is waning as she ages and uncertainty regarding her succession is on everyone’s mind.

Embroiled in this turmoil and confused about his own reluctance to follow in his father’s footsteps as a sexual dominant, he meets Madeline Traverne.

Born in France but raised in India by an abusive father involved in diamond mining, Madeline is the widow of a wealthy Indian maharajah. She and an elderly Dutch diamond merchant form a partnership to sell diamonds to London merchants at a time when the nobility is clamoring to acquire the dazzling gems. The Hawkes intend to take advantage of this trend.

Benedict is intrigued by Madeline, though he should be shocked by her blatant sexual interest in him. She recognizes from her late husband’s teachings that he is the man who can provide what is missing in her life. She has success and wealth but lacks passion and love.

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