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Anti-Monarchy Sentiments~Nothing New

Protests against the British monarchy are nothing new. In my latest book, UNFORGIVABLE DUKE, my hero infiltrates a group plotting to replace the monarchy with a republican form of government. The historical setting is the early nineteenth century.

In my fictional account, I mention an assassination attempt against George III. This knife attack took place long before the onset of his mental difficulties. The king begged his guards not to hurt Margaret Nicholson as she was dragged away. As a result, she was incarcerated in Bedlam for the rest of her life instead of facing the gallows. It's not known if Nicholson was anti-monarchy or just a deluded lunatic. Obviously, the latter opinion prevailed at the time.

My book tells of a fictional plot to kill Prince George, the unpopular Regent. In fact, we have no factually recorded instance of such an attempt. There was a conspiracy against him when he was George IV, but the so-called Cato Street Conspiracy was actually contrived by an agent provocateur working for the government. The ringleaders were subsequently executed.

Nowadays, anti-monarchists have the freedom to demonstrate and express their beliefs. During the Regency, any expression of opposition to the monarchy was regarded as treason.

UNFORGIVABLE DUKE is available on preorder and will be released June 13th 2023.


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