October News

October 21st is release date for this spine-tingling Halloween collection of ghostly romances from Dragonblade Publishing authors. My contribution is entitled Blind Faith. Blinded by exploding ordnance at Waterloo, Major Boyd Sheridan seeks to shut himself away in a rundown medieval manor and lick his wounds. Amelia Southwell, a woman hired to teach Boyd the newly invented Night Writing, and a benign ghost who's haunted the manor for centuries, have other ideas about the Major's future. Still time to reserve your personal copy from these retailers. Amazon - https://bit.ly/UponAMidnightDreary

B&N - http://bit.ly/UponAMidnightDreary-BN

KOBO - https://bit.ly/UponAMidnightDreary-KOBO

Apple - http://bit.ly/UponAMidnightDreary-Apple