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Aging (Not So) Gracefully

When I was in my twenties, I couldn't imagine ever being 50 years old! Now I'm way past that landmark, I wonder where the years went! I'm convinced time goes by faster as you age! I used to have the energy to publish five or six books a year. Now, I'm content with three!

I've always been a good speller but, recently, I find myself unsure of longer words. A lot of my editing now has to do with correcting misspelled words. My fingers still fly over the keyboard but my brain doesn't keep up with them!

I still exercise every day on my treadmill, or my stationery bike or my rebounder. I lift weights and practice yoga, but none of this increases my energy level. Nor does it get rid of any weight! That's another truism. The older you get the more pounds you pile on!

Of course, writing is a sedentary pastime, although my desk can be used standing or sitting. I have to keep reminding myself to use the standing position more often!

Gone are the days when a person had one lifelong career. Writing and publishing is my third and possibly the one I enjoy the most in some ways. Teaching and assisting a disaster relief organization were both rewarding careers. Now, I get to stay home and dream up stories readers seem to enjoy.

It's a wonderful time to be a senior citizen!!



Well said! Right now I'm in my 53rd year and my energy level just isn't where it used to be


I know what you mean!

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