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Book Covers

An enticing book cover can make a world of difference to a book's appeal. When I first began publishing, I designed my own covers. That was risky since I know zero about design and Photoshop was and still is a mystery to me. Anyway, not knowing how well my first books might be received by readers, I did my own thing.

As many of you many recall, the first ebook I published was entitled Conquering Passion. This was the cover I designed.

I'm still quite proud of that effort, but subsequent unsatisfactory attempts to design covers for the next books in the series persuaded me to turn to a professional designer.

Since then, I've changed designers twice and am now very happy to trust all my covers to Dar Albert from Wicked Smart Designs.

In 2018, I completely restructured that first Montbryce series and turned 4 books into 12! Conquering Passion became CONQUEST. Below is the evolution of the cover. We added the heroine when some members of a focus group complained they didn't realize the book was a romance.

I have a number of favorite covers. You can see them below.



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