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Trick-or-Treat Hallowe'en Hop

Welcome Hallowe'en Hoppers.

I love dark chocolate. And I love Lindor truffles in particular. Here's a picture of my choice of candy for this hop.

Register on the pop up on the front page of this site and I'll send you an email with the correct spelling of the name that will qualify you to enter for the grand prize.

Happy hopping!

Alanna Lucas

Alexa Aston

Allison B. Hanson

Amy Jarecki

Anna Markland

Anna St. Claire

Aviva Orr

Brenna Ash

Deb Marlowe

E. Elizabeth Watson

Eliana Piers

Elizabeth Rose

Gina Conkle

Heather McCollum

Jane Charles

Jennifer Seasons

Jessica A. Clements

Karla Kratovil

Katherine Bone

Katherine Grant

Kathryn Le Veque

Lana Williams

Lori Ann Bailey

Maeve Greyson

Margaux Thorne

Melanie Rose Clark

Ruth A. Casie

Sandra Sookoo

Tara Kingston

Terri Brisbin

Link back to event page.

Email your completed list of author names, with their treat names, to with the heading: “Historical Romance Authors are Sweet” to be entered into the $150 gift card grand prize random drawing.

Happy Hallowe'en!


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